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 Cove of the Copper Courtesan (Noah's Training)

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PostSubject: Cove of the Copper Courtesan (Noah's Training)   15th August 2016, 5:34 pm

Techs learned:

Noah stretched herself out in the confides of the cove she had located off the corner of the island. With the rocks surrounding the place, she was secluded unless someone like her would scale over the cliffs to find the area. Either way, nobody really knew she was here and that worked for her while she was getting used to what her new body could do with the effects of the Devil Fruit finally taking hold. It had been… unusual. After the night with Gwyn, Noah had begun to feel off, ill even, as her body structure was being altered from the inside out. On the outside, she didn’t actually notice any difference taking place, except perhaps on her hair taking on a slightly more shiny, metallic sheen, yet even the colour didn’t change much. For the latter, she figured it was due to the specific fruit she ate and the dyed style she had before eating; an orange, now typical copper, and pale green, likely kept as such to represent the oxidised copper. In all… it was weird.

When it came down to it however, Noah just didn’t know where to start. She hardly understood her own new powers. If anything she hoped that they might show up as she brushed up on her current techniques. Selecting her target she dropped low, her skirt sliding up her legs as she so often did. Everybody loved her legs it seemed, even though she wore little on her torso, she found her legs could make grown men and women weak at the knees with relative ease. And she loved that level of control. “Alright, here we go. Sorry targets, but at least you’ll go so turned on you’ll grow moss in your final hours.” She wasn’t really speaking to anyone but the rocks she’d chosen as the targets. In particular there was one just on the coast, the sand dry enough still to limit friction so she could build up her speed quickly.

With her target in mind she dashed on in, cartwheeling over onto her hands as she was in range of her rock target. Her legs spread up as she used her arms to spin herself. With her focus on her feet, she focused the metallic body she now possessed. Even so, she found the speed she needed for the technique wasn’t possible with the extra weight she would put onto her legs, discovered as the shift in weight heavily knocked off her momentum and sent her sprawling to the side and into the sand. With a groan she sat back up and dusted the sand out of her cleavage. “Alright, let’s leave that combination for the future,” she said to herself, bringing herself low again as she went for a different target just a few feet ahead of her. With her powerful leg muscles she leapt upwards, shifting the weight onto her legs again, specifically her heel, and brought it down upon her target. The rock completely crumbled around her leg, hardly feeling a thing, besides the shattering of her heeled shoes. “What?! No no no! C’mon! Those were expensive!” She screamed in sheer distress at the loss of the heel. Kicking off the other she stood barefoot in the sand, “… well at least with metal feet I don’t need to worry about cutting myself or something on the ground or splinters but… geez I miss my heels already. They were just… the best,” She sighed, “Well at least the anvil drop technique wor-“ she trailed off before falling into a laughing fit, “Oh my god… I’m a courtesan… and that was an anvil attack. The Courtesan-vil! I love it! I am totally calling that technique the Courtesan-vil. It practically screams appropriate,”

Noah went on to continue practicing her newly named attack she still giggling over the terrible pun name for. But eventually she felt she had the technique worked out, it wasn’t too difficult to perform after all. She instead returned to her first target, wanting a little work out and performing her favourite fighting technique in her invented Courtesan Style. She made a run at the rock target again, repeated the cartwheel, and this time focused on not using her Devil Fruit abilities to ‘improve’ the technique as she already knew she couldn’t. “Here we go!” She cried out as she flipped onto her hands and began her rapid rotation at her fastest speed, the crashing diving speed, and counting off every time her heel struck the rock. “Swift, one, two, three. Bullet, one, two, three. Crashing, one, two, three.” She counted off each set of three as she had been taught the colloquial names for average speeds of movement. At the ninth strike, her heel caught as she stumbled. Even with her Devil Fruit powers, when she wasn’t focusing them, she was still almost human and her durability without the focus wasn’t too much higher. With the technique being made for wearing her weighted hardened heels, performing the Spinning Strike barefoot was just barely achievable, especially when going at such high speeds the technique required to hit more often.

Slumping into the sand, Noah spread out as she soaked up the sun’s rays on her delicate if tanned skin. If there was one thing she enjoyed about the physical body the Devil Fruit gave her, it was the permanent tan that she gained. When she first received the copper fruit, she’d worried she might turn completely orange or bronze or the like, yet to find she barely took on any change in skin pigmentation, she loved. The only indication was when she focused her body to solidify to copper in specific regions that it would gain the slight metallic sheen. But even then she found it was rare.

As Noah glanced to the sun she would sigh seeing it dip behind the rocks of the cove she found herself in. Standing back up she brushed herself down and sighed. “… geez I hope they’ve sold the thing already,” She mumbled, speaking of the duo that she had met only shortly ago. She knew once they were caught they would need to make a made dash, but she only hoped they’d have long enough to buy a decent ship out of the trade, and then hopefully at some point, Noah could find someone who made weapons and armour who could help her make brand new weighted heeled sandals to replace the ones she had just accidentally broke. She also just hoped that the trade would grant them a good amount of money, and with no downside.

Except making them wanted criminals for fraud.

Word: 1108


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PostSubject: Re: Cove of the Copper Courtesan (Noah's Training)   15th August 2016, 5:37 pm


~A message to all~

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Cove of the Copper Courtesan (Noah's Training)
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