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 Bulking Up for the future.

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PostSubject: Bulking Up for the future.   26th August 2016, 3:21 am

Armenezra Rikigaku, a name to be remembered in this years chuunin exams. He didn’t steal the show but he sure as heck put on a good enough performance. Good enough that it got him promoted to the ranks of chuunin. This had by far been the most stressful season for Armen and team 5, so to have one of their team mates get left behind has not been easy for any of them. Regardless Armen knew that hed have to find a way to help his brother become the chuunin that he is to be. His brother decimus is by far the most talented counter fighter he knows, so for his talent to be over looked in this years exams, just blows. Armen while still in haka for a short while, exploring and looking up all that this village has to offer, took some time out of his day to sit down and create some techniques. He would always start with what he knew and attempt to combine them with techniques form his clan or techniques that he will attempt to learn. After getting into his research and creating he would just jump completely in and dedicate the rest of the day with full time training for different techniques.
Armen would go out until he found himself a spot with little to no traffic. He would wait around until the cost is clear and begin practicing using his arms. He would first take off his shirt so that he doesn’t burn it and then stretch. Once he feels lose and ready he would practice by creating a fighting style that he’s been working on for a minute now known as Immolating Flame Waves. This fighting style was his way of creating technique using his arms to ensure the arms use at maximum efficiency. He would then need the fighting style to also make sure that the flames that he stores from Himiko or any other fire user can be used in unique ways that even jazz would not have thought up of. Its one thing to receive a gift and do well with it, and another thing to take the gift and completely master it. The latter is the impressive way to go about it, and maybe jazz would expect it and maybe she wouldn’t from the young rikigaku, but the exams is a clear point on how green he was in utilizing his arms. In the exams he didn’t use their abilities with confidence, he was too worried at times of accidentally blowing them up and losing the exams that he kept their use to the bare minimum and basics. So it was time for him to begin, he would stretch his hand out and begin to first send chakra into his arms to ensure that their durability is sufficient for the amount of fire chakra that he’s about to let out. Now that he’s a chuunin he gets to indulge in the perks such as having a larger supply of chakra with his reserves having matured in the course of being in hakagakure, training and getting ready for the trials and matches. So with more in the tank he can do a lot more to show his true colors. So as mentioned before, he would channel chakra into his arms to raise their durability to A rank and then just let the flames race off at A rank speed. So far B rank is the most he could push out because of the rank of his materia technique , so maybe soon he will have to raise the level of this technique in order to pull off a lot more burning damage. He would aim to practice on dried out trees in the area. He would load up again and shoot flames with both hands at the tree and examine what would happen. He found it very interesting that he flames would continue burning way after the wear shot, causing a continuous burn damage to the trees and actually even spreading onto other trees and flammable objects nearby. He would then cool off a bit before giving it another go. He would use both hands this time aiming at a different tree but this time he was excited to see that the effects of the fire much like in decapitating air waves would double, causing double the effects and damage. Obvious as Armen always does he would simulate a fighting scene and use his immolating flame waves fighting style. Burning aways at nearby objects as if they were opponents, moving about the area causing damages. This fighting style coupled with Decapitating Air waves is amazing, because as he utilized them together, the flames would travel as such great speeds. All these discoveries made him smile as even his throwing arms became a lot better throwing at distances that he couldn’t before. And when he used both arms, the distances nearly tripled it was astonishing. For now, it was time to move on to something different that he could add to his arsenal.

In the exams there was something else that bothered Armen. It seemed to him that the attempts that were the most successful were his genjutsu attempts, that opponents would fall for them nearly everytime so he wanted to work more of that. Unfortunately, during the exams although they fell for the genjutsu attempts it still was easily broken by everyone who got captured. The person who broke these attempts the easiest had to be rai. Rai actually was unmoved by these attempts so it became time for Armen to amp up his genjutsu prowess. So he has been thinking and formulating for a while now on a technique he wanted to call empire. The way armen works on his genjutsu is by working on his concentration and chakra control. So he would pull out a note pad that he could use to start drawing. When he was nice and relaxed he would mold chakra as if he was meditating while he was drawing. This was a very therapeutic style of training, as it mainly worked on his mind. His creativity, and mental control is mainly exercised and put to the test in these drills for this technique that he’s creating. As he would draw the concept would just flow through him, about a world, a perfect world for those captured in the genjutsu where everything works out for them and that they have their loved ones around. This technique needed to cause immobility much like whistling winds does, for if he would want to cause some outside damage to the victims within the genjutsu. Armen wanted to create something that required vicitms to go, and go forward in the visions and something trippy as well that would leave the victims scarred . That regardless of the fact that all their dreams became a reality and in the end they sat on a throne above the world surrounded by their loved ones, that the visions would somehow make them very unhappy. Even worst now he needed it to have a strange effect that unlike having it be a perfect world, if its chained with other genjutsu based technques that this world becomes a personal hell for the victims. A smile would crack across armen’s face as he thought about how great this technique can potentially be. Now how would he trigger such a technique. Most of his genjutsu soo far goes off of the use of his boomerangs, it would be nice to have some genjutsu completely unrelated to that. So he would decide to based the genjutsu off of the use of Decapitating Air Waves, this way the technique can reap the benefits of his hard made techniques and also further advance the use of his arms to something as unorthodox as Armen is. So he would give it a go, he molded chakra into his hand up to A rank. The first time he did this, it was a no go, he didn’t really get much done like that, after many attempts and failures he would give it a little break to regroup and figure out what went wrong. After his break he was more determined to master this technique knowing full well the benefits that it would bring and the power gap that it would close for Armen if he ends up facing off against opponents with powers and abilities that super exceeds his. That alone was more than enough determination to ge this thing done. A few more attempts he couldn’t pull it off. It was most likely due to lack of focus. Much like earlier he must create the story in his head, it’s a mental link, which requires him tons of focus. So after a few hundred more attempt the attack finally came off the way he wanted it, traveling at extreme speeds that made him smile, knowing that if he gets a victim within range there is very little chance that this victim is getting far away. Definitely not far enough to avoid this attack at such speed, although there will always be things Armen will have to watch out for. Such as the use of get out of jail cards to escape his attempts. As he quickly learned in the exams there are many ways around get out of jail free cards but just in case that should possibly be his first step. And much like all his attacks he’ll probably have to learn to disguise this one as well. Because if he is too obvious with it, opponents will just start to fight him at very long distances, similar to what himiko did, only without Armen being the one to create the distances. So he continued practicing through the morning and finally when the technique was good, he knew. He knew that he had just successfully created a game changer of a move. It required quite a bit of chakra but definitely will be worth it when he is wreaking havoc on foes and rivals alike. Armen would chuckle at himself, proud of what he has created, and taking a small break to allow his chakra to cycle back to him.

Now on the note of what work and what didn’t, one thing that Armen noted that worked for him very well during the exams was the use of his seals. Its interesting because on the surface Armen blinds people with traps, which is why he is the trap master. He utilizes Genjutsu and weapons, something that maybe anyone can see but not many people notice his use of shurikenjutsu traps and seals. That definitely played in his favor against his opponents in the exams. When he managed to immobilize them with genjutsu they cleverly found a way to break out of it, which could have spelled trouble for Armen and his team since their opponent’s attacks were pretty underhanded. But due to Armen being prepared with immobility seals, the seals were able to hold off the opponent long enough for Armen’s extra boomerangs to seal the deal. Making quick work of their rival team and possibly being the sole reason why Himiko and himself got promoted to chunin. Although himiko probably got promoted over decimus for her marvelous display against the opposing team during the preliminaries. Neither Armen or Decimus had to lend a hand on that one, she had it in the bag putting team 6 on the map. Armen as team leader had to do his thing during the exams and although they didn’t see rai coming and took a lost because of it, he was quickly able to redeem himself by defeating their next opponents in one swing. Unfortunately, that one swing wasn’t good enough to win every member of team 6 to promotion but more to the point, seals was the deal breaker in that fight. Those matches taught them a lot about how life and death combat can be and how quickly tides can turn. So if in a life and death match seals can be a life saver than its time for Armen to come up with newer and more innovative ways to trigger seals. Had he been more equipped with innovative seals, he could’ve possibly stopped rai from running right through him and his entire team, earning him a promotion as a technical jounin. So how will he go about this, well there was a fighting style that he was trying to create which technically was a play on getting hit by chakra. He wanted it to be as if someone got hit with a chakra based attack that instead of triggering the effects of the attack or genjutsu that damage is negated and a seal will come in its place. That would’ve been phenomenal to catch rai in his tracks when he had charged them with little to no caution. But unfortunately he couldn’t manage to pull it off, maybe he just doesn’t have enough knowledge to go about it the right way, but it was a no go. One thing he did know that is that there is a common way to add range to seals known as emission. Now not everyone uses seals to have a move such as emission but when Armen first started with his seals, and watching tv shows like seal masters he would always recall these masters using a short range emission. So after taking some time off to look up how to do this short range emission Armen would increase its range and speed emission. Because although range is create if someone can dodge it or outrun it, this becomes a waste of chakra and effort. So he went on, learning emission at its first stage, after words creating a second but faster stage. After mastering the second stage its only natural if youre Armen where his speed is his strength to go ahead and create a third stage adding to the wonderful invention of emission level 3.

While watching seal masters its also opened his mind up to new ideas for seals such as a seal one of the contestants used known as burn. For some reason these guys were masters but they were only using level one stuff, which Armen found strange but would shrug it off understanding that this was a show to generate and audience and also display art through seals in a timely manner. So Armen would learn how to create the burn seal and test it out on some things, he was pleased to see that it had very similar affects to when he used immolating flame waves, in terms of burning damage, so he took the time out to do what he does best. Adapt it and improve on it is what im referring to. He would take the first level and find a way to amplify it onto the second level. And from the second level he needed something to attach it too creating a third level for good measure, sure to deter his opponents, enemies and rivals alike. So far training was looking good, he was looking soo damn productive that it brought a comfort to his heart knowing that he will be much stronger by the time he gets home than the time he arrived, which is freaking impressive, Heck maybe when he gets home he will challenge crystal to a battle. Armen although a silent thinker would chuckle to himself, not yet thinking he could beat his sensei. But hey he already made up his mind to focus more on getting to know the person who has been in charge of his development as a genin and find out what her story really is. What did she do and how did she become so strong. After encountering different people and races he has a slight feeling that she might just be a mix of different races, based off what she had been able to do thus far. If he even was to challenge her to a spar, win or lose, would she even be impressed. What would that mean, that she no longer has anything to teach him? All those thoughts were kind of sad and weighing down on Armen’s conscience. So to keep himself and the productive day that he has going, he would have to move on. But in light of Crystal being a jounin and not just a regular jounin after all, he will probably need to hit her with something a bit stronger than what he has been devising. Hey there’s nothing wrong with leveling up what you’re already familiar with.

So Armen would now begin on making his marker seals a different level. Its amazing because one marker seal can mark up to multiple locations. Something Armen hasn’t really taken the time out to exploit. Maybe when he fights crystal he will exploit his capabilities to their maximums. So he would sit there and begin to recreate his seals. Unlike the others he didn’t have to start back to level one so he just needed to make the level four version which was pretty much a piece of cake. The thought of cake would make armen’s stomach growl as he attempts to regain focus. Funny how most of what armen does requires such preparation and focus. Yet he is a very loud and obnoxious individual in public. I guess this is why many people do not see armen as a threat until its too late, and he rather likes that a lot. It didn’t take long at all and he would complete his fourth level marker seal, now its time to work on the big technique, his favorite immobility seal. Although he has paralyze as a technique the immobility seal is soo much more effective. He needs to now find a way to increase the effect of the third level to bring on the forth, which wouldn’t be too much of a hassle at all. It was unfortunate that he couldn’t use those seals by etching them into his team mates clothing and having his teammates use them, because they would end up just immobilizing his team mates which he wouldn’t want to do. And he is glad that he didn’t do because that in itself could’ve cost team 6 their entire promotion and the shade of this day would be totally different because of it. Regardless having a stronger seal would seal victories especially if he could get those seals on to certain spots on an opponent. Spots like the arms and legs are very vital to the opponent for movement and Jutsu but most importantly requires an expense of a lot more chakra to get rid of. Which plays to Armen’s benefit because the more chakra an opponent spends the less he has to worry about what an opponent can do. Usually when an opponent has a lot of chakra to spend it leaves the door open for opponents to use many jutsus to eventually capture him and put him in a bad predicament. With little to no chakra, an opponent can barely mount damage on him, unless he is unaware of the situations and walks into a desperation trap. Which although rare can happen, since he isn’t immune to everything and doesn’t really consider himself the sensory type shinobi. So as he worked on the immobility seal he thought of the effects that such a seal can cause if placed on multiple areas of the enemy. The damage that these seals can indirectly cause and opponent or rival alike is astronomical as it could be the indirect cause of their deaths. After much focus and alteration the level four of the immobility seal became a realization. Armen would cheer himself for getting soo much done today. He was such a busy bee he can only imagine how much his team mates mustve accomplished by now. He imagines himiko had already managed to create soo many different songs based on how happy she is as a chunin. He imagined that she has already mastered soo many jutsu and possibly surpassed the group in raw strength and power. It was just the other day she was talking about being a lioness. She spoke about leading the group to greatness and how she really wasn’t meant to be sitting out on the side lines. How she was meant to talk lead and show the the way to victory, how she was supposed to protect them like her baby cubs. All in which Armen did find a bit ridiculous but marveled at her determination and want to improve and go further with her development. Sadly he wished his brother had the same kind of passion that himiko possess. So for sure she must be doing what he;s doing right now which is simply crushing the rank of chuunin and tossing it aside, almost ready for jounin I bet. Armen would yawn as he noticed that he’s beginning to grow tired but he was almost done with his list. So how much more impressive would it have been to finish his list entirely, so with that there was no time to rest he had to finish it. He would stretch a bit to wake up his muscles and maybe get some energy back into his body.

While getting energy into his body he started to notice how lazy his body is becoming, its been a long time since he has had a real intense working, being as he mainly uses throwing weapons to go the distance for him. Once upon a time he use to be a hand to hand fighter so aside from the weapons he would actually have to have a bunch of cardio. Because he would run out bare foot and with bare knuckles to fight other academy students and genin alike. Those days quickly came to an end when he would watch the boomerang man series on tv and decided to steal and carry a toy boomerang. He got into a fight a fight an ended up getting mad and throwing the boomerang hard at the attacker and knocking them out after missing the first time. So the boomerang was ideal, but Armen knew that hed need certain aspects to be worked on and improved. Aspects such as his endurance, his endurance right now is at B rank level, if he can increase his endurance even further than he would be able to perform such feats such as remaining in wind release chakra mode a lot longer. So his way of practicing endurance is a bit unorthodox as he usually is. He would create his futon twisters and jump right into them. The twisters would spin him round and round and he would take a bit of chakra damage. After being spat out he would breath heavily and jump in again when he was ready for more. The only way for him to train endurance as he knew it is to learn to take a hit. And since he was dealing with hybrid damage half the hit was chakra based. He would do this for a while until he thought maybe he improved? I dunno. One thing he knew that always got him working a sweat is the thing he loved the most, speed. Armen was as mentioned before gets his power from how fast he and his attacks can move. So atlast it was time for him to train his speed once more. He hasn’t trained his speed since the earlier days of being a genin. This was going to be fun, this time he wouldn’t focus on throwing one or two boomerangs but six boomerangs using bounce back trajectory. Bounce back trajectory is a move that he recently mastered that uses chakra and force to bounce a weapon back to its originator. Real cool indeed he would think of it as he would catch and rethrow all five of his projectiles before they could touch the ground or cause him any harm. With nearby trees for these projectiles to bounce off of it was starting to get really difficult for Armen to pin point where the projectile is going to end up and how to catch it. He has to rely purely on his speed. He had a few close calls some, causing him to get a few deep cuts but that didn’t stop him from attempting to achieve what he had set out to achieve with this training. Armen was determined if anything else today even if he didn’t get to finish everything else that he was going to get his speed to A rank. Both stats drastically making a difference with how much hed benefit from Wind release chakra armor mode. After a few hours he would stop and take a break hoping to breathe and get his muscles on a cool down for a bit before taking off on a nothing training spree. After his break he would double up on the projectiles that he would use determined to beat this thing or die. At maximum speed he would take off and throw the boomerangs allowing them to bounce back some. Some would actually hit him and cause fair amount of damage to his body but luckily for him he took the precaution of throwing the hard part and not the bladed part. A miracle has happened as he would train his body for some reason just began to adapt in such a way to help him complete the task at hand. Armen was too focused and determined to even crack a smile or any form of acknowledgement to this he would simply keep creating this beautiful art of throwing and catching and rethrowing inorder to increase his speed. At some point he even began to use his feet….his feet damn it! His speed was starting to become nearly blurry almost moving exactly the same speed as his boomerangs, not even needing to use law of speed to make up for speed now. Speaking of which he needs to remember to upgrade that too now being a higher rank itll require much more for his rank. Armen is expecting to be fighting against monsters soon to earn his life. So maybe if he cant over power them or beat them in a traditional way he can out space them in speed even if its too run away if it ever came down to it. With his speed at A rank he could now pack a bigger punch when striking with moves like gifted striker. Now he could do a lot more damage per strike than before. Moves such as his judo flip would cause soo much more smashing force when he drops the opponent. And most importantly now he will gain more raw speed using Wind release armor mode. It felt different being able to move at a whole new plain of speed and power. After catching all ten weapons he would slow down and land. His body taking some pain from his over exertion and also getting hit with boomerangs from time to time didn’t help either. Armen would sit down put his weapons away and rest. Guess it was time to train some more things before the sun had officially set.
He wanted to learn some sit down material so he would pull out some scrolls that he had copied from the clan when he last visit. He couldn’t start reading at first wondering how cool it looked when he was training and how many genin could actually pull moves like that off. He cockily was betting that not many can. He then shook off the distractions in his head and began reading the scrolls and studying the very ancient and intricate seal work that were in these scrolls. They were something just out of the ordinary, they spoke about taking fauna the same creatures that he and his family often hunt for either temporary pets, food, or to sell. He read on how they can be used to turn into a whole different source of power. A weapon based power sentient in its capabilities. This obviously left Armen freaking out a bit and wondering how different his style would have been if he would’ve stumbled upon this sooner or if he would’ve at least understood what he was reading. Maybe it was all for the best because now his style is soo versatile that enemies have a difficult time keeping up with him or guessing his next move and if they find that they somehow can predict his next couple of moves Armen is capable of using this to lead them into a very bad trap. Armen was the trap master after all. He would look over seals that allows him to create organoids in the shape of eggs. And he would learn how to growth them to deal certain damage all these things just sound as if he could create perfect weapons which in reality wouldn’t require someone of high skill to wield. Which gave him the idea, he would want to create one for each of his team mates knowing that they will eventually master it and the weapons would take them to whole new scales of power. If his arms could change his game up this much, how much more could the organoid weapons do to change his style and add even more versatility to his combat method. Armen will literally have too many ways to win a fight maybe making him the most versatile player in the world and definitely possibly the most versatile chuunin. Maybe then he would be able to match rai’s sword that manage to produce spiritual damage, which by reading this chart he has is actually incredibly difficult to achieve. Each organoid has their level of durability as well so he could have been working hard on one and some bastard rolls up and breaks it then that marks the end of that organoid. After studying and mastering the seals it was time for him to go. He was tired and burnt out complete.

WC: 5026
Techniques learned: Training Specialist Solo: Perfect

Trap specialists: Perfect

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PostSubject: Re: Bulking Up for the future.   26th August 2016, 8:41 am


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Bulking Up for the future.
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