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 Kenichi meets dyer

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PostSubject: Kenichi meets dyer   27th August 2016, 7:09 pm

Locating the silver key

The excitement from the news of Kenichi finally unlocking his gravity release reached both of his parent, which took it out of their free will to apply him to the academy. He would be the oldest, but that's only mean he'd have to work a lot harder than all the rest of kids: But it seemed a bit unfair for those who've seen the academy roster this year, and whose name sat on the bottom with the oldest age; no other than Kenichi juryoku.

Kenichi would walk onto the gates of the Academy grounds, staring at the gate with every passing second; almost as if to challenge it to competition. It was yet another day and his competitive fire burned bright, that and the fact he had missed out on breakfast due to the fact that he was instructed to “I swear if they tell me to do anything physical, I'm going to finish them off with an uppercut!” he complained as he relaxed onto the gate waiting for his instructor. “that's quite a shame, I thought you loved a challenge?” he stated in a nearly sad manner which would turn into a competitive glare. “I do but…” the seconds turned into minutes as silence enter the conversation “what do you want me to do?” Kenichi sighed harshly then began to ask his question softly. “well first I need you go to the dyer household, there you will search for a silver key; once you find it they will grant you a new mission.” the instructor stated, which soon walked away into the shadow of the school. Kenichi had began to walk away from the current scene, with his hands hidden deep within his pockets.

The journey seemed quiet as he heard little to any noise despite the time of day it was, but then again this was a village of ninja who learned how to hide their presence even at a younger age than himself. “the dyer residence, huh!” Kenichi mentioned as he finally arrived to a sign next to a fence that read the name he was in search for “it's here for sure.” he thought before knocking on the door of the fence which slowly opened for him. He took several steps inside the gate before, he heard the gate mechanism from behind him shut itself closed immediately. “might as well start searching!” he stated with small shivers running down his spine, from the thought that this place might be haunted. Kenichi began to search through the loads of weeds that had grown to his knees. It surprised him how the top of these weeds seemed as they were burnt, yet the root of them continue to grow despite that fact “amazing, this must be plant related technique or something?” Kenichi questioned as he examined the plant. Behind such plant rest something that made the sun glimmer a bit into his eyes, the shape itself couldn't be determined but Kenichi knew it was the key without a moment of hesitance he reach for the key and pulled it out of the ground, simultaneously the weeds had turned into pure nothingness. An much older male with a skinny body and thin Frame walked out of the house “I see you found my key.”

Hidden factor

“I see you found my key!” the elderly man stated as he stared onto Kenichi, the man who stood in front of Kenichi was the head of the dyer household. Behind him rested a house which was indescribable from the outside, but the tiny glimpse Kenichi could see of the house lead him to believe this man was quite the loner: the floor held a second layer of garbage across the floor, a rainbow seemed nowhere close to describe the man's walls. “yes sir I have, I was told once I located the key to search for you as you may have other things for me to do?” Kenichi statesment quickly turned into a question, rather than question himself he only phrased it as a question. “ahh yes, you must be Kenichi the oldest Academy student we have this generation.” those words would generally leave a scar in someone's mind but Kenichi had other things to focus on, then the words of some messy old man had to say. The older male cleared his throat than said “my glasses are located inside the house, if you can help me find then I'll put in a good word with the academy office?” those words held more bribery than the words of someone who wanted a favor. “fine I'll do it“ Kenichi glance towards the after releasing a sigh of discomfort. He made his way into the house and began to search through piles of things that sleep inside of the living room, out of all things he constantly found bottle of poison, which had a kunai thrown into them. It seem a bright idea had just popped up for the young juryoku, it probably would be a style he'd stick with for some time; before finding a new way to deliver violence. He continue to search in the living room before deciding that it wasn't inside this room “keep searching it's in here!” the dyer stated
After stepping into the living room and taking a seat onto the couch. “well how am I going to search with you blocking my way!” Kenichi began to pick an argument with the older man, Kenichi glared at him as if he had stepped into a middle of a fight that could've continued; or stop the clock on a fight that had just began. It went to prove that Kenichi was more than just a little bit upset, as he threw bits of the clothes onto the couch that the dyer laid on. But the dyer simply pushed them back onto the floor “can you stop it, Mr. Dyer, I'm trying my best to clean the place up while I search for you glasses but you're only making the house more of a mess.” Kenichi was reaching his limits, but he didn't have the energy to take it to the top notch instead he could only glare at him; but his eyes seemed to do the fighting for him as he continued to glare at the older male. As he did this he noticed that around his neck rested his glasses “how many people have you tested, did you know where they were?” Kenichi questioned. “I see you've finally realized that I had them, the whole time: good job.”

The instructor sneeze then looked around to see if there was any one around him “I probably should've wanted Kenichi that the dyer elder is very play!” he mumbled to himself before continuing his class.

2-D rank missions

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PostSubject: Re: Kenichi meets dyer   27th August 2016, 7:44 pm


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Kenichi meets dyer
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