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 Finding the hide out[Mission]

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PostSubject: Finding the hide out[Mission]   1st September 2016, 1:11 am

Armen just received a mission which he didn’t even want to do. This hakagakure has been a pain in his butt since he’s got here and all he wants to do right now is go home. He was definitely home sick, thinking about his sister and his brother missing him from where they are. It was just really annoying that the boat kept getting delayed. What was going on out there any way, another shinobi war? Either way they needed to hurry on getting the thing fixed before this crazy ass village would see Armen dead. Armen thought about maybe getting his mind off of things by hanging out with himiko today but he heard that she was probably off training somewhere. His brother decimus also off somewhere training that left him excessively bored, so he might as well go ahead and actually complete the mission. It seemed kind of important anyway. He would leisurely read the scroll telling him about a group of petty thieves out there in the wilderness robbing people. Armen chuckled as he looked at this thing with a bit of disbelief. Hakagakure really was no joke, if you were a group of petty thieves they saw to it that you get properly taken cared of. Armen laughed because that group of petty thieves back in dipugakure is him and his family. Its funny how far he’s come along but he hasn’t forgotten everything no by a long shot. Some of his bad habits he’s decided to keep with him, he’s just been good at keeping them a secret like how he is a frequent thief. He cant really do that here because here higher ranks actually leave their hay and go out and go find you. So armen had himself a little problem here on the mission it doesn’t explain how exactly he is going to find these vagabonds. Apparently their hang out is undiscovered so far so now Armen has to go out of his way to find out where a group of vagabonds go to post up, play cards and then rob people. Armen was starving like crazy on his way on over to a location that he knows would have the low down on how to find these guys.
The local pubs are always a good place to start, but Armen generally cant get in so he would have to use a transformation technique in order to get passed the guards. He then would sit there and order a random ice tea and lemonade and chocolate milk vodka. He would sip it and spit it out everywhere covering people nearby and they would be pissed trying to fight him. One dude would shove Armen but on the second shove he would feel that something isn’t right about him. His body was really tough and so he thought that maybe Armen could pack a punch just as tough, so he would give armen a warning and just walk away. Hed also call off his pose and walk towards the furthest end of the bar. He would sit there for a good hour before a young lady got up from her table and was about to leave her group of friends. She left each of them with a kiss on the cheek and before she could head out a friend warned her about thieves in a certain area that she should not walk by least she be ready for trouble. Armen knew exactly that this was his assignment, so he would walk up suspiciously to the group acting as if he was just an overly concerned guy. He would ask them of that place and the rumors that’s going on over there. One guy you can tell hes the story teller of the group would take it upon himself to tell Armen the many things that he has witnessed. Armen would naturally get bored from all his talking so with a nice little fart he would walk away from the group allowing them to be gassed out by the sheer stank of it. Armen made his way to the location finding these guys rustling and tuscling with her attempting to take away her belongings. Armen would then come to her rescue using sheer taijutsu and speed judo flipping those that he can, placing immobility seals on them and punching those who would evade in the face,. Armen was a bit thrown off by the sheer numbers that this group had, so he knew he had to turn it up a bit. He would then start using his feet to hit the thugs with a series of punching and kicking combination. Armen would continue flipping and punching, laying the seals along with a smack down on these thugs when they would finally pull out a weapon. Armen would use the opportunity to disarm them cause ing them to drop the weapons and attempt to run. Armen would pick up a stick and throw the stick much like a boomerang. Once it hit the leader they all seem to have made there way back trying to ensure his safety.
After saving the day Armen found out that this was the wrong group of thugs but knew exactly which group if thugs armen was looking for all along. So Armen with his captain boomerang voice would demand them to speak. He would have a deep echoing voice that was honestly a bit pretentious but worked nont the less. Kind of like the time when armen pretended to be a stereotypical police officer and manage to get everyone in a village to do something stupid. Maybe this was all do to armen literally watching to much tv, but there really wasn’t much to do around. And in a village like hakagakure watching tv is probably the safest thing possible. Instead of going out there and facing freaking huge ass zinogre’s or A rank freaking shogunates. He was a bit unlucky with his encounters, either that or he really was supper lucky but never had the chance to really see the blessing in disguise with those. To be honest he has survived everything that this world could through at him thus far. Not many people could say that which is obvious because if you cant say that you survived then you probably cant say much at all. Anyway even though his survival has been all thanks to summer thus far, he also knew that he was in debted to her and would have to pay back his debt very soon. One thing was that he would have to give her a money offering since money is hard to make around here. Hard to make if you aint a really G thug like Armen who makes money each and every way that he can. Very epic was his way of making money and it followed such a simple philosophy. Wake up, eat, sleep, drink and hustle repeat. This is all he did he just made sure that before the day end his name is on the list for being productive. Wither it was productivity in building techs, or sharpening his weapons, or learning about new weapons or learning new ways to throw his weapons and increase their speed. He would rejoice at the thought of being able to add this day on the list of productive days. He would even think to himself that he really should create a technique of some kind that can increase the speed of his weapons throwing speed as S rank speeds seem to not be cutting it anymore, its been avoided by many people thus far and he finds that a bit annoying. How the hell did his throwing speed suddenly become obsolete in a small course of a few months. Man has things changed soo quickly, the landscape of power has changed too, himiko was more of the supporting member of the group but now shes making fire balls nearly the size of houses and throwing them at folks. Folks, a word that his younger brother decimus uses quite often, man does he miss his brother. Anyway Armen had arrived to the place and found the guys sitting there he would become more of a recon person in his approach. Remaining hidden and hearing information about where they plan to hit up next. Armen would be patient he would listen in carefully noting the information being given until finally. It was time for action, but Armen obviously over complicates everyrthing, he contemplated on how he should attack. Maybe he should do a signature captain boomerang dive, or maybe even come in with an attacking dive. Or should he make sounds, maybe he should make sounds like a fiercesome eagle coming in for a finishing move. He thought of literally everything that he has ever seen in the comic books and thought of whih ones would better suit his style. He even thought of coming in with the intro od .. ehy you im black. And then begin fighting but he knew that was stupid andyway he just did what felt natural and said hey you faggots lets fight. They would throw punches and kicks much like the last group but this group was obviously better trained. After a few minutes of bobbing an weaving and taking open strikes Armen managed to subdue the group and place them all under seals. The job here was finally done, hurray for Armen finishing his first mission in hakagakure it officially sucked. He would call for back up and waited for the back up to arrive and once it did he would leave with a mission completion on his scroll. Armen looked at the scroll knowing that the reward that he is going to get for this completed mission isn’t even worth the hasstle the he put into it. But money doesn’t make himself and Armenezra always pays his debts….somehow. So with this maybe he’ll make a thousand xel, how pathetic. He really couldn’t do much with soo little xel but atleast he’d only owe summer less ryo. In order to pay her back he’ll probably have to start a small business. He’ll have to start selling his inventions that he knows will make tons and tons of money. More than caliara corps. He’ll call it Riki corps making a house hold name out of rikigaku specialties. Armen needed to make this one invention especially if he ever wishes to be capable of eventually capturing the mighty gobi. Which in honesty is soo far out of his reach it’s a bit frustrating. The power that the gobi possessed is still unmatched to this day. Armen has seen nothing like it, even the zinogre maybe the most powerful opponent that he has faced recently isn’t nearly as intimidating as that mountainous creature that stood hundreds of feet away at a distance. Armen will obtain its power, even If he will have to wait a little while, maybe with the thirteen court guards that he is about to assemble he will eventually have the wherewithal and the tool to succeed in capturing the thing but for now experience is key. He will have to wake up every day and put himself out there risking his life for a chance to capture creatures and create organoids that he will eventually hand out to those aligned with his cause. He knew that zinogres are going to have to be creatures that he can take head on if he ever wanted to fight the Gobi so that’s exactly what he did creating powerful techniques that are more focused and concentrated on getting the job done and hitting his opponents several times, giving them high reaction tiers. But the cost of those techniques are still very high so he would have to continue his training some other day, right now he is simply returning the mission and collecting the rewards. Another good work as he would pat himself on the back maybe now hakagakures streets can be a safer place

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PostSubject: Re: Finding the hide out[Mission]   1st September 2016, 1:30 am


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Finding the hide out[Mission]
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