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 Training on my own again : Armen

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PostSubject: Training on my own again : Armen   15th September 2016, 10:38 pm

Armen was looking good today he licked his hair slick and wanted to go out to look at the town, now he has been all over haka these past days but today he wasn’t planning on hunting. No he was planning on mingling with fellow haka people so what he would do is he would get dressed and then dead out. He wandered the village for white some time talking to people but the personalities in hakagakure left much to be desired. They were all sort of stale by nature and armen wasn’t soo sure if it was because of their death defying culture or their reputation for being stick in the muds, his day was pretty damn boring. The boredom lead him to heading home and getting dressed for training instead today he wanted to practice a fighting style that he believed would propel him to being one of the top shinobi around. Well one thing h really wanted to practice was this move he saw in ninja prowrestling it. one of the fictional shows that he watches that somehow motivates him to become a better shinobi. His favorite wrestler’s name is pally Morton. Pally Morton is the eleven times world champion in ninja wrestling and Armen has been watching him since he was a kid. Armen wanted to do polly mortons finishing move right now, he didn’t even wanna wait. HE would go around the house RKO’ing everything. He didn’t care he just wanted to do the move. So Armen decided to incorporate that move along with gifted striker in order to be able to actually do this move in battle and get a good amount of damage on it. At first he thought to himself how would he get people to fall for this move and it didn’t take long for the idea to come to him that he ought to paralyze them so that they cannot move and then bam hit them with the rko, using the abilities of gifted striker. That was cool making that work the way he did now it was time to work on some other things. Last time when hunting he realized that one of his issues was his speed, now he’s been watching how summer gets along propelling herself with her slashes to get to places at such high speeds so it came to him that he has an exact move that can be used as a propeller. He worked on the move for a few hours until he conjured up the burst combat technique. With this he doesn’t know a person of his rank or higher that’s on par with him in terms of speed. He has gotten really fast the only thing that could possibly make him faster is if he found a way to get more out of his wind release armor. After having that down pack he thought of another thing that went wrong while hunting, for some darn reason his seals don’t work of on anything greater than humanoid size. He has to take care of the right away so therefore he worked on increasing the size of his seals according to the seals he knew how to make. With that he would etch them onto his weapons he started from small creatures to medium creatures to large creatures. If he was ever to encounter one in the wild best know that he’d be ready for it, the only sizes that he can’t currently capture these arms. After further mastering them, they have set Armen onto a whole new scale making his potential exponential and leaving him with only a few peers that can stand in his way. He’s practically almost ready to go toe to toe with another zinogre. He already laid waste to two dopplegangers, at least that’s how he chooses to tell the story. The only thing now really sitting on his mind to improve is his arms. But to do so he’d need help from jasmine. A ninja who single handedly not just gave him his life back but changed it drastically with her expertise. After his training although it was brief compared to the many times armen has had a training session he would head home shower and read up on his comic books, those books really helped increase his creativity, hell maybe Armen might even become leader of a village someday if he could live up to the pressure of that…Nah.are bijuu sized creatures and colossal creatures. But for now all he has to do is be able to pin one of these seals on a creature and that thing is going down. Armen attempted to go to sleep hoping that tomorrow was going to be a better day but all he could think about was hunting. He is starting to become addicted to hunting and tunring creatures into organoids in his mind it was better than getting devoured in the wild much like the zinogre did to those other creatures it was soo sad. He needs to be able to talk to the organoids make them he’s signature weapons if he has to. The organoids that he wants to create aren’t all that strong in strength but they will and can help him and his allies in battle, granting them access to elements and compound elements that they would not have access to otherwise. So he would stay up a fewe minutes to practice the seal known as organoid awakening inorder to be able to eventually get his organoid to adult hood and maybe even then take the organoid to shikai state which will bring it to its most powerful form. Maybe Armen had a bright future but he had to stay focused if he ever wants to get strong enough to travel and find out who his father is and make his father pay that good old child support.

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Techs Learned: Solo specialist perfect

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PostSubject: Re: Training on my own again : Armen   16th September 2016, 12:59 am

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Training on my own again : Armen
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