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 Passing the Time (Looting)

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PostSubject: Passing the Time (Looting)   22nd September 2016, 4:39 pm

Noah was already bored. The two animal-women she'd met were taking much longer than she'd expected. She'd spent another night with Gwyn, for the first time since meeting the woman sleeping in separate beds thanks to the newfound confidence Noah had given her, but the next day she'd been left to her own devices again and needed something to pass the time. Then... then there was the privateer ship that came into dock. Perfect target. She waited until the majority of the crew were out in some bar, and donning her typical flattering outfit, gave her chest a little squeeze for luck, and made her way on over to the ship.

Himiko Zakiyoshi:
Stohana Fushicho:
Noah Lane:
Kori Kuroshio:
Ariel Chromatica:
Ma'to Asari Shanti:
Lilica Argent:
September Taki:
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Passing the Time (Looting)
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