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 Pain [Training]

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PostSubject: Pain [Training]   19th January 2017, 11:00 am


It was night, Amanda had decided to attempt to train herself in order to become far better as a shinobi, she had to train in order to improve her skills and become capable of reaching a higher rank. It would supposedly bring """"higher honor""" to her clan if she managed to become more successful, as some form of """""repentance""""" due to the namesake she possessed. In a sense she was developing her own """"ninja way"""", except it wasn't really about ethics. It was about seeking redemption for something she didn't even do or contribute too in the first place. The very idea of being associated with everything that was bad about her clan sickened and angered her verily.

However the young girl opted to not fester in her emotions too long, or else she would forget what she set out to do tonight, train instead of complaining. The young genin had managed to sit down beside a tree and would close her eyes, folding her legs and concentrate on her vector arms for a bit. Immediately, she would have the arms grasp at her legs, and begin to crush them violently with their C tier strength. The last thing she had wanted to do was make a public spectacle of her flailing her body into a random object in the village just to train her endurance, the arms certainly proved to be useful for training her bodies defenses, allowing her to utterly maim herself without much visible impact or much room for interruption even. The girl winced as her two vector arms gripped each leg of hers and began to attempt to crush them. She made sure without fail to constantly increase the grip of them on her legs in order to force them to adapt to this. Even if it meant breaking her own limbs just to prove a point and grow """"stronger"""". The woman would note that she indeed needed to train her vector arms more as well in order to properly utilize them. As she continued to attempt to exert more and more force on her legs to nearly break them. The pain nearly caused her to make an audible gasp and wince even louder, however Amanda muted herself immediately to avoid drawing attention of any kind.

The last thing the genin wanted right now was someone coming over and looking at what she was doing, the sight would be bizarre to anyone who looked upon her right now. Her arms weren't even very visible unless someone used a sensory technique to detect them really. The arms would stop gripping at her legs now, and instead start violently banging against her body. Maintaining her composure while being literally beaten the fuck out of by herself would prove to be a hard task. As Amanda flailed her arms all over her body, sending violent stings everywhere, the arms were certainly not weak and they hit at a rapid B tier speed. Which only served to worsen the impact with something so fast and slightly stronger than you coming at you at a very close up distance. Noticeable bruises began to form all over her body, and she gasped loudly as the vector arms continued to smack against her, opening her eyes and nearly stopping all together. Such a severe beating felt as if it would nearly kill her if she continued.

Though... For some reason Amanda didn't refrain at all, and continued. Delivering a hard punch to her own stomach with one arm, and then a hard smack across her back which sent her down to the ground. Breathing and panting while struggling to recover her own breath. Everything hurt badly as she tried to get up, the woman nearly coughed up blood, staggering from the damage she had inflicted upon herself. Fuck...Was the only thing Amanda uttered, as she limped all the way back home, hurt badly from damage inflicted upon her by her self. It didn't help that her legs were nearly broken as well, so walking was like attempting to step on a field of knives to the young genin. Though she had too, she pressed on desperately to make her way back home in order to rest and recover so she could get even stronger for her own success.

That... Was her own ninja way.

720 Words

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PostSubject: Re: Pain [Training]   19th January 2017, 11:39 am


~A message to all~

~When I enter the cbox, you will give me at least 5 minutes before asking me for anything. If you do not I reserve the right to hit one of your characters with any technique I wish... From any character I wish.~

This has been a friendly PSA from Dadmin Blade. Have a good day.
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Pain [Training]
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