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 Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]

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PostSubject: Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]   13th February 2017, 1:02 am

Aloise walked out onto the sandy training ground. He had nothing on his feet but simple wrappings and he could feel the sand in between his toes. It felt good. Nice. He had strange likes when it came to things touching his feet. He loved for his feet to be massaged or tickled, he liked the feeling of a feather roaming across his heel or soft carpet underneath his soles. Feeling things with his feet calmed him so well it was almost creepy. He wondered if all Kukinorite were like that about their feet, but he kept it to himself. It was kind of an awkward question to ask your clan-mates.

He  wasn't here to feel the sand beneath his toes though. He needed to train in order to get somewhat stronger. He had thought about training the clan's fighting style, made by their newest head Jazz Kukinorite "The Peerless Prodigy", but he didn't feel as if he was worthy of it yet. She was their best head yet in Aloise's opinion and he needed to be at his physical pique in order to be able to use her style. So here, he was going to increase his speed and his strength so that he didn't always have to rely on his skates. He reached down to his side and unlaced his skates from where he had placed them on his waist, setting them down in the sand. Today he wore training attire: shorts and a tight fit midriff shirt. He bore wraps on his hands and feet. He didn't look the cutest, but that wasn't the aim. He stretched, joints and limbs popping as he limbered up. He had his routine planned out. One hundred laps around the training field, then a short rest. One hundred push ups followed by another short rest, then rinse and repeat. It was going to be a fun day.

He didn't really start feeling the strain on his legs until the 50th lap. Kukinorite training did that to you. He pushed onwards and by the time he struck one hundred, he could feel a burning sensation lancing up and down his legs. It set his heart to beating and cleared his head a bit. He sat down and pulled the water-skin he brought from where it was strapped at his waist. He didn't even think people used water-skins anymore, but it was a better feel than a bottle slamming into your hips with each stride. He took a long drink of water and relaxed on a nearby bench. He slowly felt the burn die down to a dull throb in his legs and had to marvel at how fast he and his clan-mates could recover from the strain they put on their bodies on a day to day basis. The strain of flight was great, but the Kukinorite had perseverance. They were a bunch of tough motherfuckers, and they could take anything that was thrown at them in stride. And Aloise wanted to become just like that. Strong beyond words.

Once the pain was gone he got up and moved to perform his push-ups. This was a tad more strenuous, as he was using his arms an not his legs. Around his seventy fifth push up his arms began to shake heavily and he just barely broke one hundred. He took another rest, letting the pain of the work out wash over him. He flexed his fingers periodically to make sure he hadn't put them out of commission. His clan rarely needed their hands, but it wouldn't hurt for him to have full usage of his own. His skillset may consist of hand motions in the future and besides, he liked his fingers. His fingers were nice. After his arms stopped burning, he got up and started doing laps again. After completing the next set of laps, he took a rest before doing another set of push-ups. This continued for hours until there was a constant burning sensation lancing under his skin. He then took a longer rest, letting his muscles relax a bit until the burning reduced to a slight sting when he moved. He then nodded and stood, walking over to a dummy that had been set up in the yard in order for the trainees to practice hitting things. He walked up to it and raised his hands in a sort of combat pose. He punched the thing and it shook slightly, an improvement upon yesterday. It had barely moved an inch when he hit it then. In fact, he had walked away with a smarting hand from taking a swing or two at the dummy. He smirked and threw a few more jabs, striking the thing with all of his strength. He got so excited, carried away would be a better term, he took a step back before jumping up a bit and aiming a spinning kick at the target's "head". The wood made a creaking sound as it strained to stay upright and Aloise couldn't be happier. He was getting so much better!

He then decided to practice on a different dummy, this one a cylinder with branches rather than a humanoid. When one of the branches were hit, it would spin with the force in order to simulate an opponent making a counter attack. Aloise thought it was the perfect medium to practice his speed. He got into a similar pose he had before and struck out at the branch, sending the thing spinning. A branch came for his head and he ducked before throwing out an open palm, sending the thing spinning in the opposite direction. He struck, ducked, struck, blocked, and kept repeating a random combination of these until his body was a blur of motion. When he felt his breath coming more quickly, his arm shot out and he stopped the thing mid-spin. His breath came in pants and his pulse was quick but he couldn't help the feeling of accomplishment he felt. He was getting better. Stronger. Little by little he was forming himself into the perfect image of what a Kukinorite should be. With that in mind, he turned on his heel and grabbed his skates, deciding that was enough for today. He put on his skates and rode in the direction of home. He would be sore in the morning, but it was well worth it.

Word Count: 1062/1000
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PostSubject: Re: Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]   24th February 2017, 6:18 pm


~A message to all~

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PostSubject: Re: Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]   22nd April 2017, 2:32 pm

Aloise woke up in the morning, stretching with a wide yawn and thinking about his agenda for today. He had... nothing planned surprisingly. His entire schedule was empty. Lilica was spending time "training" Udon, which probably entailed the Faunus simply feeding him and telling him how much of a cute noodle he was. He had some weird friends, but Lilica was the only one that was weird and didn't want to admit it. Mizu was off... somewhere. She spent most of her time training, recently. She said she was trying to perfect something and she would giggle and tell him not to worry about it whenever he would ask. That worried him a bit, despite her saying not to worry about it. He could possibly visit Kozai, but she seemed busy and their time together would always end up short with Aloise having to find something else to do for the rest of the day. Ben-sensei was only an option when he wanted to be found, which was hardly ever. He tried thinking more on what he could spend his day doing when Scylla, his pet Zamite, jumped onto his bed and cuddled up to him a bit forcefully. He pet her head and listened to her sounds of contentment as she curled up happily in his lap, soon drifting off into a light sleep. That was perfect. He guessed he would be spending his morning in bed, at least. He gently reach over to his bed-side drawer and pulled out a book he had been reading, flipping to the page where his bookmark lay:

'Elijah hid in the shadows of the trees. Rival shinobi were gaining on him. He was trapped, with no foreseeable escape route for himself. Would this be the end of him? He had so much to do, so much left. He had a dream. He wanted to become one of the Gokage, to protect his village and defend his people. All of that surely be extinguished if he was found, an outcome that was becoming more and more of a possibility. He closed his eyes and sent out a prayer to Kami. If he was going to die today, he was going to die fighting. He pulled his chokuto from it's sheath and waited until he heard his pursuers come close enough before he struck.

He rounded the tree and slashed out, opening the throat of the nearest man and setting the others on edge. They each pulled blades whilst a few threw kunai, Elijah having to block them with his own weapon in order to keep himself from harm. They closed in, slashing and cutting at the singular man. He was on the defensive, blocking the blows he could and moving out of the way of others. This was a dangerous game he was playing. He had to take some of them down, but he wasn't getting any opportunities to make a killing blow. It would be a waiting game, though waiting too long would prove deadly to him.

Minutes dragged by like years and Elijah was tiring. He found that he could barely dodge some strikes at this point, shallow cuts blossoming all over his person. He had managed to land some blows of his own, but none of them were lethal. This was his end, how he was going to die. Alone, his body left for the carrion crows. A blow that he knew he was too exhausted to dodge came right for his heart... but never landed. A shadow flashed behind his assailants and they each dropped like bags of sand. Elijah looked around wildly, raising his blade in preparation for an attack, but then a familiar figure stepped from a nearby shadow

"Derek?" He called out hesitantly

The male was like the sun, where Elijah was the moon. His hair was blonde where Elijah's was black, his eyes a radiant gold while Elijah's were a cold silver. He was also half a foot taller and more muscular than the other male, much to his arousal and chagrin. The golden saviour walked up to Elijah with a purposeful stride and grabbed him by the collar, yanking him close with a growl "What were you thinking?! You could've gotten yourself killed!"

"T-they were getting away. I thought I would follow them... maybe they would take me to their boss..." The raven haired male stammered out, looking up into the other's eyes, which were set into a worried yet disappointed glare.

"We both know I am the stealth specialist. You were fucking stupid to go rushing out there like that, especially with their numbers."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry. Just never do it again."

"Okay..." Throughout this exchange, their voices had gotten quieter, Derek's losing it's annoyed edge. They had also gotten marginally closer, their lips inches apart and their breath mingling together. Just as their lips were about to touch, Elijah turned into a few crows, fluttering a few feet away from Derek and reforming with a playful smile "We should get back..." was all he said before he turned on his heel and moved back towards the rest of their group.

Derek shook his head and gave a small chuckle, following his reckless and unthinking lover to where their party had stopped to wait for the duo to return.'

Aloise gave a small smile at the page signifying the end of that chapter. He had enjoyed watching the evolution of Elijah and Derek's relationship very much. They had some trials and tribulations as their relationship was blossoming, with Derek being overprotective and Elijah being reckless, but they had worked everything out and were a rather cute couple when one got down to it. Aloise nodded and turned the page in order to continue reading.

'Elijah was sitting at home, a book in hand and the head of his bog in his lap as he read. He had on his thick frame reading glasses that he made sure no one but Derek knew he had. They were a rather large source of embarrassment, as the thick lenses made his eyes look large and bug like. Derek said they made him look cute and book-ish, but Elijah put that down to the other male trying to get some. As he read, a massive explosion rocked an area very close to his village, prompting him to drop his book and rush to get ready.

He dressed in record time and left his apartment with great haste, moving to the Kage tower in order to try and see what was the matter. Several other Jonin were gathered there as well, and before them all was Derek, one of the three Sannin of the village. He was speaking loudly, giving orders and separating divisions. They were under attack "Elijah, Shura, Mika! With me! The rest of you have your assignments. We must protect the Thorn!" Derek called.

Elijah was by his side along with the females in their band, Mika and Shura, Derek spoke to them softly as the others went to defend the village "There are several groups. Mostly grunts, but there are four that are a serious problem... One of them is the reason for the explosions. We'll handle them." He said, looking to each of them in turn. They all gave nods of consent and followed behind him as he lead them to confront their enemy.

Their four foes were rather haughty. They sat upon a platform of metal sand surrounded by pale white birds. Elijah had summoned one of his crows in order to reach their level, riding upon the creatures back with ease. The blonde female flicked her wrist and one of the birds expanded and flew to a section of the village. It was met with a fireball and promptly exploded.
So that was the cause of the explosions, Elijah thought to himself. They must be some tough people in order to warrant a personal fight with a Sannin and three Jonin.

"Well, the Shinobi of the Thorn come out to play with the big fish." A woman chuckled from her positioning on the platform. She was dark of skin, her hair falling in rivulets down her back over a large gourd. A Kaironokuma. She must've been the one controlling the metal.

"'Bout damn time!" The blonde stood and jumped from the platform, one of her birds expanding in order to carry her before rocketing off in one direction. "Elijah, follow her!" He heard Derek call, but all of a sudden he was jumping off of the crow. A platform of chakra appeared beneath him as he landed in a crouch, Shura giving Elijah a thumbs up as she and Mika jumped onto it. Shura moved her hand and the platform moved closer to the metal one, obviously a dismissal for Elijah to follow the blonde woman.

And so he did. The black bird steered himself in the woman's direction and followed after her. Several birds were sent back to explode in his face, but he avoided them masterfully enough. The woman then came to a halt and turned to face her pursuer, a smile on her face "Shall we pla-" Her sentence was cut off by a scream of agony as the crow's genjutsu took effect. She collapsed and fell off of her bird, though she was caught by another crow that carried her to a group of waiting Jonin before being desummoned by Elijah. She was easy enough. He didn't even have to use his own skills. The male turned back to where his lover and teammates were last seen fighting, trying to get back in order to be of assistance. What he came back to was a sight that shattered his heart into a million pieces.

The fight had moved to the ground. Mika was dead, though she had managed to take out one of the four targets they had originally. Shura was just about to be impaled by the Kaironokuma, though there was now a body blocking hers. Taking the attack for her and saving her life. A large body. A blonde haired body. Realization struck him and despair coursed through Elijah's being. A scream echoed around him, but he didn't realize it was his own. The crow dived down and deposited Elijah behind his enemy, the male decapitating his foe in one clean motion. He pushed her body away from his beloved and clutched Derek to his chest "Derek? Derek speak to me. Don't die, you can't die! Mika heal him! Mika-" He looked up and realized once more their friend and medic was already dead, with his beloved following her closely.

Derek coughed up a bit of blood and reached up to caress Elijah's cheek, which was now stained with tears "Don't... cry for me. I died protecting our village... I died protecting the life we've lived together. Remember... that..." He gave Elijah once last dazzling smile before the light left his eyes. More tears fell and another scream wracked Elijah's person. Whilst he was morning, a voice behind him spoke clearly "Nature Release: Wood Human..." Elijah turned around and saw the large battle avatar sprout up with a redheaded woman atop it. He stood and looked up at her, his eyes burning with conviction.

"Shura. Take Mika and Derek's bodies away from here. Evacuate this area." The girl nodded and did as she was told, fearing the look in Elijah's eyes. Once she was gone, Elijah's eyes... changed. The left eye's iris turned pure purple, with a flower design surrounding the now blood red pupil. The sclera of the eye was filled with ripple designs as it turned icy blue. His right eye was the polar opposite of the blue, with a purple iris, red sclera and blue pupil. The swirl designs were in the iris of the right eye while the sclera held the flower design. Elijah whispered something back to the woman atop the wooden structure, though his voice seemed to carry so she could hear it "Susanoo."

Elijah was surrounded by blood red chakra as he was lifted high into the air. The chakra formed into the shape of a rather shapely female character. She was garbed in a flowing gown that slit down the front to allow her ease of access when walking. The dress' bodice pushed up her breasts and made them look all the larger. Her feet were bare and she had six arms, each hand empty. A spiked crown sat atop her head, with Elijah being placed within the central gem of said crown, directly on her forehead. Four angel wings spread forth from her back, their span impressive to behold. Elijah closed his eyes as the woman opened her own, mimicking the unique look of his dojutsu.

And so their final battle would begin.'

Always being one for anticipation, Aloise closed the book with a bright smile and set it back on his bedside table. He had been reading for quite a bit and his legs were getting a little numb from the weight of his pet. He massaged her head gently, rousing her from her sleep. She leapt from her position and ran around in a circle in the middle of the room. That was Scylla for "I'm hungry!" Aloise chuckled at her and got up, putting on some slippers and moving out of his room. He had a rather small apartment. It was a one floor studio and he was rather comfortable within it. He didn't need much space anyway. He moved to his fridge and pulled out some beef for his little ravenous cuddle ball. He opened the plastic and pulled out the meat before walking over to her food bowl, placing it there. He walked over and grabbed a pitcher of water before walking back and filling her water bowl. The water was cold, like she like it. She dug into her meal happily and grew slightly as she ate. Aloise looked on with a fond smile before moving to his couch. He flopped down and closed his eyes for a moment, deciding that like his pet he would love a little nap.

He was awoken a little over an hour and a half later by Scylla nudging his hand with her head. He got up and stretched, feeling thoroughly rested and thoroughly bored. He decided that if he was going to do anything to pass the time, he might as well train. He got up and got dressed, deciding that being fully feminine was a bit of a hassle. He put on some a pair of pants that were loose around his hips, but had slits down the sides starting just below his buttocks. It saved his modesty but also allowed his legs free range of movement, something any Kukinorite would want from their clothing. He donned a form-fitting sleeveless top and put on his skates. Rolling to the door while Scylla trotted happily alongside him.

They got to the training area a few minutes later. There were few people around, as it was late in the afternoon, so Aloise chose a secluded area to practice in. He started with squats before moving onto sit ups. Scylla took up a spot on a bench as he did this, catching up on some more nap-time as her companion worked his body. Once Aloise was done with that, he called for his pet and she leapt up and bounded over to him happily. They began doing laps, Aloise skating around the area whilst Scylla ran happily alongside him. Aloise did two hundred laps without incident, though Scylla got bored around one hundred and fifty, so she went off to take another nap. She was still down when Aloise went over to the practice dummies in order to practice some kicks and other things. He began to hit the dummies more mechanically as he thought about how to make himself stronger. Mizu was obviously developing something, and Lilica was already pretty strong. He didn't want to lag behind, he couldn't. He decided that the Eight Gates were definitely the route to go. He had the alignment towards all things Physical. Why not make himself a specialist?

With that decided, he went over to his little pet and sat down next to her, taking a break. He had brought his water bottle with him, so he took as sip of that. It had been sitting next to Scylla as she slept, so it had chilled a bit. She was good for cooling things, if only a little bit. He sat there and just looked up at the "sky" for a few long moments. Here in Kohai, their sky was really just rock and ground, since the brunt of the village was buried beneath the earth's surface. It was fun to think about the wonders that can be achieved by shinobi when they aren't focused on war and killing one another. If everyone was brought together in the name of peace, many things could be accomplished no doubt. Unfortunately, there was very little in this world that could bring about true peace everywhere. He would simply have to take joy in the fact that his own village was peaceful and safe, and that he would be able to keep up this peace and safety when he reached the level of Sannin.

Deciding to leave the future and thoughts of peace for well... the future, Aloise stood and roused his little Zamite from her slumber. They stood, Scylla stretching her little body with a small yawn before walking alongside Aloise as he rolled home. When they got there, the Kukinorite made them a little dinner. He put on some ramen for himself whilst cooking a bit of chicken for Scylla. Once their meal was done, he set it in her bowl and began to dig into his own at the couch. Once they were finished with their meal they decided to call it a night. It was a bit early for them, but it was still within the evening hours so it wasn't out of the ordinary. Aloise changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed, Scylla curling up in her own little corner decked out with a bed and little decorations. Aloise loved her to death and spoiled her accordingly. The little Zamite snuggled up to her Uroktor plushie, no doubt thinking of her friend Udon as she did so. Aloise turned on his bedside lamp and pulled his book onto his lap happily, deciding to finish Elijah's epic tale before the night was through.

Word Count: 3075/3000
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PostSubject: Re: Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]   22nd April 2017, 6:58 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]   

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Refine the Anomaly [Aloise's Solo Training]
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