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 Mod Quota's & New Mods

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PostSubject: Mod Quota's & New Mods   22nd February 2017, 7:53 pm

So I'm noticing a general trend of things and well the members are speaking out albeit sporadically about it, thus I've decided to add a quota that has to be fulfilled by every mod every week. You can consider it mandatory, of course since being a mod is a volunteer position you can opt out and summarily be demoted back to a normal member, or you could do it and claim a mod salary for your work. By no means am I going to be exempt from this either so we are all in this together, in fact I'll set my standard higher than yours for the express purpose of urging you lot to do the same yeah?

Name of Mod - Weekly Quota - No. of Posts in all Modded Topics Per Day
Aurielle - 14 - 2
Blade - 7 - 1
Mitsuton - 7 - 1
Armenezra - 4 - 1
Zakiyoshi - 4 - 1

The chart should be self explanatory, every week you have to mod at least 10 topics, and every day you have to post in those topics you are modding at least once. In order to ensure this is happening I will need you to post in this topic with a link to your modded topics every week, feel free to edit your posts to add new topics as they come in. At the end of the week I will go over them to make sure it is fulfilled, now if at any time you know you are unable to fulfill your quota of daily posts then I expect you to inform one of the other mods to do it for you, if I'm online then I will do it.

Only upon completion of your assigned duties will allow you to claim the Mod Salary, which increases the long you keep up your perfect quota fulfillment. This salary can go to any one of your characters or even be split up, it's up to you.

Mod Salary
1st Week - 250 Niikos
2nd Week - 300 Niikos
3rd Week - 350 Niikos
4th Week - 500 Niikos
2nd Month - 1000 Niikos
3rd Month - 2000 Niikos
4th Month - 3000 Niikos
5th Month - 4000 Niikos
6th Month - 5000 Niikos
7th Month - 6000 Niikos
8th Month - 7000 Niikos
9th Month - 8000 Niikos
10th Month - 9000 Niikos
11th Month - 10,000 Niikos
1st Year - 15,000 Niikos

Every Additional Topic modded will be subject to these terms, thus do not take on a topic without fully committing towards it's modding lest you have your salary reset for not fulfilling the quota.
Each Additional Topic adds 50 Niikos to the salary so there is a potential reward for modding more topics than your quota, however I chose those amounts because they are reasonable and capable of being fulfilled so take on more work if you wish, but do not let it detract from your rping experience.


Now then I have three open Mod positions available, and they really do need filling, so if anyone is interested in assisting me and my mod staff and being privy to the behind the scenes events circulating through the forum please reply to this post and I will give you three trials to see whether your up to snuff.

Note during this trial period you will also be subject to the Quota just without the benefits just yet however do well enough and it'll be counted.

Trial Mods have a 4 Topic per Week Quota with a 1 Post per day it's not a lot, really.


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Mod Quota's & New Mods
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