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 Himiko's Squad Combination Art

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PostSubject: Himiko's Squad Combination Art   2nd March 2017, 11:32 am

Name:   Explosive Ringy
Classification:  Kyujustu + Ninjustu
Rank: C + C (B)
Class: Offensive
Range: Long

Description: This is the first combination technique Luffy thought of and it can be used along with Enzo and his Morpher Kunai even if he is not in the area so long as Luffy has be gifted some projectiles needed. The premise of the technique is too cleanly cut the targets head off or in certain situations other ligaments if killing is not a option though this technique can be dangerous too opponents lacking a proper defense. The shot works best in concealment but does not have too be done in such, if it is done in a normal concealment such as AoE or body based than the arrow and wire requires a equal rank reaction too turn and see the attack, if done in a Archery perch than it is one rank above lastly if both than the reaction tier needed is one rank above plus ++. The shoot works along with the bounce bounce premise; Luffy launches a shot past a target and bounces it off a object the wire then  wraps around the target the technique takes a turn here due too having morpher kunai tied too both arrows Luffy fires in a way which increases the speed of the arrows through a explosion sending them flying much faster back in there intended direction and with the increased speed from the Morpher Kunai it deals slicing damage too the inflicted area. B-Rank Defense negates the effect, C-Rank defense receives 3 C-Ranks of bleeding until they receive medical attention, no defense deals a B-Rank of bleeding per post until they receive medical attention.


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Himiko's Squad Combination Art
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