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 New Organization- The Nightmarchers (Huaki'i)

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PostSubject: New Organization- The Nightmarchers (Huaki'i)   11th March 2017, 6:55 pm

This is something I want my character to be involved with. Please add to it so it can be an actual thing someday. I was really liking the Haiiawan theme, so I hope it flows through. Using Aurielle's dislike for physical and some other things, I think I made something viable.

Name: Nightmarchers

Lore: In untold legends, Nightmarchers (huaka'i po or "Spirit Ranks," 'oi'o) are the ghosts of ancient warriors. Each name is a representation of the specialization Affinity they represent.

Kau‘ila - Hybrid "Kugujutsu, Nintaijutsu, Kyujutsu , Demonaic Tech, Energy Tech, Beast Art, Trans tech, Chi art"

Lono- Chakra  "Ninjutsu, Soul Tech, Barrier Ninjutsu, Bake Jutsu, Bijuu Tech, Void Tech"

Nanaue- Mental "Genjutsu, Fabrication, Nen Tech, Emotion Tech, Niuinjutsu, Technomancy

Maui- Spiritual "Fuinjutsu, Kinjutsu, Neo tech, Medical Ninjutsu"

Kauhuhu- Natural "Senjutsu, Juinjutsu, Erojutsu, Spell-craft"

Ohia- Physical *Lost*

The marchers were peaceful deities with their own unique qualities, all except Ohia. Ohia thrived on the very sense of friction, to touch or be touched. To hit or be hit, to kill or be killed. For the sake of the deity to seek it's own satisfaction in it's unique eternal life, it called upon those that were worthy of its power.  Ohia was uncontrollable, and probably gave birth to a scary amount of physical users with the use of his power. There has been plenty of times that Ohia had to be put to rest by the rest of the group, one or more. The Physical Mask rather than be in harmony with it's user overtook them and used their body as a shell to house it's power. This granted them unnatural limits as there was no longer a need to fight within limits. It was set that the Huaki'i had to band together and put the user to sleep, but then risked putting the rest to sleep, using up all their power in order to kill one of their own. Whether they succeeded is unknown, but they were put to sleep ever since. Due to that the body could not hold up to the strain of the physical mask, Ohia managed to avoid the totem bind and left in search of a new vessel, but was weakened enough to a long period of inactivity.

There is said that the results of their sleep is a large totem pole, with each panel standing as their representation. With the awakening of the guardians, who so loved the sense of unity that others show and bear (possible favoritism to ASN) and the hatred for things not natural to life itself (a bit of hate towards pandora because of Ohia's preference to immortal playthings to continue it's desire of seeking physical stimulation through combat), they made a pact with the ASN once they were freed from their years of slumber.

This stood for them being the first ASN related group.

The look: The Huaki'i can best be described as floating tiki masks that exist in the third dimension, but can be perceived by those that can interact with the dimension and their chosen "Kahu" or "sacred ones". Not only are they floating companions, but they are wearable as well.

Each Huaki'i has their own specialized Kahu mask that the chosen warrior can call upon.

Kau‘ila - Hybrid

Lono- Chakra

Nanaue- Mental

Maui- Spiritual

Kauhuhu - Natural

Function- The Huaki'i's functions is based off of affinity, each Huaki'i deity represents a certain affinity that can be in use or beneficial to the user, which can now be added to things that are other than chakra, making it a unique function unlike no other.  There are three ranks in tota. Depending on the training of the specialization affinity, each rank has a different effect for each mask.

Rank 1- No WC- Natia "Knight"

Rank 2 750 WC-  Ke Alii "King"

Rank 3 -Max- 1500 WC- Kahu "Guardian"  
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New Organization- The Nightmarchers (Huaki'i)
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