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 An Assassin is Born [Awakening - Musei Shinto]

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PostSubject: An Assassin is Born [Awakening - Musei Shinto]   25th March 2017, 10:09 pm

Mu looked at the temple before him with an erratic heart. He had traveled here in order to become stronger, but his fear was mounting at an extraordinary pace. He was to be facing a life or death trial. Was he really ready for this? He had to be. When he left his home, he was eerily calm. He had left final parting gifts for his friends: he left Yuki a powder blue kimono with silvery snowflake designs all along it. He had been planning on wearing it to her wedding, but what if he didn't make it out? For Occam, he left his second favorite sword, Lady Temperance. There was nothing special about it other than that Mu always carried it around, but he was sure his teammate would understand the sentimental value. Mu had also written a letter to them and his mom, showing his love and affection. If he didn't make it out, at least they would know where he had gone and what he was to be doing. That reassured him.

He moved into the temple with purpose only to feel his heart start beating erratically as an unseen door closed behind him, locking him in. Mu had spun around wildly to look, only to find a smooth and unyielding wall. He was stuck here, trapped until his trials were over apparently. Goodie. He moved forward, the temple turning out to be a maze of all things. He walked forward before taking a few turns, finding himself to be hopelessly lost. He kept moving, turning around and down corners. He thought he saw flickers of movement out of the side of his eye more than once, but he was sure it was simply his imagination playing tricks on him. He was alone. He was scared, wasn't he? That was the feeling that was gnawing at him deep inside. A primal fear of death that Mu never thought he would ever feel. He wasn't strong enough. He couldn't be...Then he thought about his friends. All they had been through. Yuki and her quiet poise and clumsiness, how their bond had grown and how they had gotten used to each other to become like siblings. Occam and the fierce crush that had not yet faded, even after having been ignored for all these years. Mu was sure what he felt was love, but the other male didn't return his affections. However, they still felt the need to protect each other. They were friends, they had grown together and Mu was stronger because of it. Much stronger. He nodded and walked forwards, his heart stilled and his fear ebbed. He made a few more winding turns before he came to an opening in the passage way, showing a large exit into an apparently circular room. He could've sworn he felt a hand on either shoulder, pushing him towards strength and giving him theirs in return. Mu smirked and took a step into his battle ground. He was walking in alone, but Musei Itami Shinto carried with him the will of Sword, Steel and Snow.


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An Assassin is Born [Awakening - Musei Shinto]
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