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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 First Mark Training 1

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PostSubject: First Mark Training 1   27th March 2017, 2:47 am

Kirigaya, the man with a diamond on his hand, an ability that allowed him to absorb chakra to a certain extent, he was currently sitting cross legged on the ground, in the middle of seemingly no where, staring at his hand. This diamond was like a form of invincibility , but only to an extent at this moment, however Kirigaya knew, he could train it further, have it become more then what it was at this moment, however he did not know exactly what he was supposed to do to do this, but he thought, maybe it is like a muscle, if you use it enough it just gets stronger naturally.

Kirigaya would stand up and summon to him the Rock bow, and then placing two fingers, his index and middle, of the hand not holding the bow, in the center of the bow. He would then adjust both arms to point straight up above him, and then he would pull back, as if pulling back a string. Suddenly a arrow would appear, in his hand pulling the imaginary string, the head of the arrow against the bow, placed over the thumb of the hand holding the bow, the very hand doing that also pointed his index finger out.

Kirigaya would then release the arrow shooting it straight into the sky, allowing the bow to crumble away into a dust cloud, then in preperation, he placed his hand palm up towards the sky. He would then wrap his other hand around his wrist , waiting for the arrow to come back down from the sky, in what seemed like forever.

The Arrow went far beyond that which Kirigaya could see going straight up, but after time passed, he could see it, coming back straight down from where he shot it straight up at. Kirigaya kept his eyes on it, making sure his hand was right under it, and when it got close enough, he activated the mark. So that when the Arrow came into contact with his hand, it would disappear, being absorbed into the mark on his hand. However he still jerked his hand to his chest afterwords, still a little bit in awe about all of this.

He never tried to use it before, so this being his first successful attempt , made him rather proud of himself, and shocked that he did it without a hitch. He took a deep breath, calming himself back down, he needed to practice it more though, he had something to protect now, Vee.

It seemed kind of Cliche , A Princess of a clan, went exiled , and is protected by a warrior, or a warrior to be anyways, and they had fallen for each other, and now, he needed to get stronger, in case someone decided to get ballsy enough to attempt to punish her for crimes she may or may not have committed. And this was just his first step of many.

To Master everything about his clan, rather he had someone to teach him or not, this was his life now, and he was perfectly happy with that. Vee was a perfectly capable of handling herself, however that was not his way, he was a warrior, and rather she was to or not, she was still a princess , at least to him anyways.

With that in mind he took a deep breath and repeated his process. This was to get stronger, he kept repeating to himself. He Launched another arrow, and again prepared his palm to absorb the Arrow, he launched it a little less further then last time, so that he could train a little faster with this, the Arrow coming back down before getting absorbed in the mark again.

He brought the hand to his chest again, taking a deep breath, feeling the chakra in the mark, and then making it disperse, he could not use it at this point in time, but he could not hold onto to much at this time either. He would not allow himself to rest for very long before picking up the bow that he dropped the second time, this time he fired two arrows up into the air at once, and prepared his hand again.

This would be even more dangerous and difficult, but he did it anyways and waited, when the two arrows cam back down, he caught one on his palm and absorbed it, The other however he had to dodge, else it would have pierced him right in the shoulder.

His Dodge was a foreward roll, which landed him on his back, able to see his arrow for a moment before disappearing, he took a deep breath thinking to himself just how close of a call that was, if he reacted any later, and that could have really hurt.

He took a moment to breath, He really did not want to tempt fate again like that. So he would now at this point allow the bow crumble away, as he headed back to the village , after that experience, he would be sweating, and as such would need to wash up before getting some sleep, this would take some time to get used to, but he was determined to do it.

And the reason for his Determination would soon be in site as he returned to the place where they lived, making him smile upon seeing her, it had not been incredible length of time, but it has been enjoyable to say the least, and that is what matter to him at this point.

He was looking forward to relaxing with Vee by his side, he did not tell her of his additional training, because he did not want her to feel like it was her fault or anything of that sort, this was purely his choice, and his reason to do it was his reason, and his reason alone. As the Distance between them closed, his smile only got bigger, and when he embraced her in a hug, it was then that he knew for certain, that this was the meaning of his life at least.

TWC-1015, First Mark Training 1 Compelte

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PostSubject: Re: First Mark Training 1   27th March 2017, 12:08 pm


~A message to all~

~When I enter the cbox, you will give me at least 5 minutes before asking me for anything. If you do not I reserve the right to hit one of your characters with any technique I wish... From any character I wish.~

This has been a friendly PSA from Dadmin Blade. Have a good day.
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First Mark Training 1
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