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 Feeding the Machine [Training]

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PostSubject: Feeding the Machine [Training]   28th March 2017, 9:55 pm

It was funny how things could change in an instant. Perhaps if she had stuck with her regular routine of not doing anything maybe she would’ve been in this mess. Alas, it was too late for her to think of what could’ve been as it had already been too late. For those who weren’t up to speed with current happens, let’s do a little recap. Something had possessed our young heroine to actually be a ninja for once and thus she had started training so she could become somewhat useful on the battlefield. After her training had completed she had decided to go on a mission. It was a simple one really, all she had to do was escort this old guy to the port, simple enough. What had happened afterwards though was completely unexpected. The shinobi that was supposed to escort the old man to his destination was suffered from sea sickness. Unbelievable huh? So it had fallen to Isolabella and Rhia, after a bribe from the old man of course, to finish the job that she had started. It seemed easy enough so nothing could’ve possibly gone wrong, right? Well wrong. The boat had somehow managed to capsize, throwing all of its passengers overboard and though she had somehow managed to stay alive during the entire ordeal, the old man unfortunately didn’t make it. Panic had naturally set in of course when she had hit the cold ocean waters and thanks to Rhia she had managed to stay alive. They both had found a reasonable size of debris floating around in the water and had managed to stay afloat until they had somehow managed to be washed up on some island.

“Well…This could’ve been better.” Isolabella muttered to herself as she dragged her tired carcass across the sand. Thankfully they weren’t the only two that had made it alive as they were around twenty others. “Nap time…” Rhia muttered before collapsing and curling into a ball. This time she couldn’t fault the fauna for wanting to sleep as she did an immaculate job of keeping Isolabella alive. With a smile she would pick her up and placed her between her breasts and made her way over towards the other survivors. From the looks of things, majority of them were alright save a few who had grievous injuries and a couple dead bodies. “Alright, I don’t know about you lot but I’m not planning on dying on the God forsaken island, either we work together so we can stay alive or end up like them over there waiting for the vultures and whatever carnivorous fauna to come feast on our dead bodies. ” She said looking towards the dead bodies that seemed to already be swollen, like ew. It hadn’t taken them long to agree that they were better off working together than dying. “Now that we’re in agreement, the first thing to do would be to bury these dead bodies, any volunteers to carry them in the mainland?” She said as she was sure as hell wasn’t going to touch those bodies. A collective groan rang out amongst the group and a few men had reluctantly decided to pick up the bodies. The rest would carry those who were unable to walk and Isolabella would lead them into the main lands. It had taken them awhile to find somewhere suitable, but once they did they would dig a few holes and bury the bodies of those who had fallen. A bit depressing it was but such was life, now they had to focus on their survival which would be quite the difficult task.

A few years had passed and they had somehow managed to create and maintain a little community. Thanks to Isolabella and her ability to speak to animals, they were able to locate clean water for drinking and food to eat. With that knowledge they had started growing fruits and vegetables and created a system that had allowed them where the water from the massive lake would flow into their little community giving them all something resembling running water. Isolabella had a little hut dedicated to fixing and treating wounds for the injured, something that she had found herself enjoying a lot the past few years. Maybe this was her call, who knew? What she did know was that was living in the moment and was proud of her achievements. Though there was still a bit of emptiness lingering in her heart, she did miss her parents and her sister who probably thought that she was dead by now which was a tad bit depressing but she had been gone for quite some time but it was understandable. Maybe one day she would be able to return home and see her family and her clan again.

With nothing much to do today, she had decided to do some training as it had been ages since she had done anything related to combat in ages. Rhia of course was nowhere to be found, however she knew were exactly she hung out on days like these so she would close up shop and headed out to the lake. Of course when she had arrived she had found Rhia floating around lazily. “Oye, let’s do some training. I’m bored.” She stated truthfully staring at the kit in the water. “Training huh? It’s been awhile since we did that.” Rhia said through her pack link with Isolabella before jumping out of the lake and rushing towards her. The first thing on the agenda would be to perform the Tsuga at its maximum. This would mean of course that her body would receive some sort of recoil damage due to the strain on her body but over the past few years she had learned that her body had the ability to learn and adjust to its previous experiences, so today she was hoping that it would kick in today. Isolabella would ready herself before kicking off at her fastest speeds and began rotating violently in the air while heading towards a nearby tree, she would easily smash through it of course and would continue for a good ten minutes before the recoil would set in. Recoil damage was quite the painful thing, so painful in fact it had forced her to a halt almost immediately which prompted her to land on her face. She would writhe in pain for a while before shrugging it off and performing the technique again. This time she would be able to go through with the technique longer than she would’ve been able to without suffering recoil damage. “This is pretty amazing…” She muttered to herself as she felt her body adapting to the recoil damage. With that said, it was quite obvious that this would be able to be applied to the Tsuga and Roga. Imagine being able to dish out as much damage as possible without recoil, how useful. With a smirk from on her face she would continue practicing her Tengas and Rogas until she had completely run out of stamina. “Why did you even tell me to train again? All you did was practice by yourself.’ Rhia stated as she floated idly in the lake. She had a point though which would’ve made Isola feel a tad bit bad, but she knew Rhia preferred relaxing either way. “Sorry about that. We should work on some combination techniques but not today though. All that spinning has made me a bit queasy.” She mentioned before signaling to Rhia that she would be heading back to the base. Thinking it was about high time she had left the pond, Rhia would exit the pond and followed her partner back to base.

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PostSubject: Re: Feeding the Machine [Training]   28th March 2017, 11:36 pm


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Feeding the Machine [Training]
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