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 Team 3, The Beginning (Team Training Topic, Kozai, Lilica & Aloise)

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PostSubject: Re: Team 3, The Beginning (Team Training Topic, Kozai, Lilica & Aloise)   18th June 2017, 3:28 pm

After Lilica had spoken, Aloise nodded taking that it was his turn "I must say that I have quite a bit less in the way of training than Lilica. I have been trained in the basics of my clan, namely Run, Dash, Trick Speed and Sight Trick, all of those enable me to move quickly whilst on my skates and riding my Roads. I have also learned my clan's expression of killing intent, Shadow. I have trained for the event that my skates will be taken from he, boosting my speed and strength and learning to use them in conjunction with one another in order to make myself even faster. Other than that, I have little other than my natural abilities as a Ronin due to the fact that I haven't started training anything for my ability as of yet." He finished talking and realized it must seem like he wasn't prepared for being a Genin at all. He felt like shrinking away a bit, but he didn't. He was a bit undertrained but that could easily be rectified. There was no cause for him to worry.

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Team 3, The Beginning (Team Training Topic, Kozai, Lilica & Aloise)
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