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 STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yang Trial} (Takahiro & Colt)

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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yang Trial} (Takahiro & Colt)   29th May 2017, 10:32 am

With that done and both of them leaping across the pit to land on the other side they would find something peculiar on the ground, namely two more badges. They were different just like before being a Cord and a Tanto, however gathering these objects would mean that they were done roaming around in this maze and could move on to the final task. Once they collected them at least, it would seem that they might be the first of their group to move forward, then again who knew what Nyen and Alyssa were up to. Interesting split up however boys and girls, really paid homage to the old debate who are better, males or females.


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yang Trial} (Takahiro & Colt)   4th June 2017, 2:38 am

Colt got excited when he'd spot the badges on the floor, alerting Takahiro of there whereabouts. He'd grab on and hand the other to Taka as fast as he could. " Hurry dude, Let's get out of here!". A huge smile was plastered upon Colts face realizing that he and Takahiro really did a great job. Especially himself, but it would be his luck that the moments that he shines that Nyen wouldn't be around to see him in action. It was no matter because all that he had done was so that he would survive and see her expressionless face again. " ha...hahahahaha! Oh man! what a rush, we really did it bro! Lets go man, Nyen is waiting for me, she must be super worried by now." Colt plays with the badges to see how they would teleport him out of this maze.

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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yang Trial} (Takahiro & Colt)   4th June 2017, 12:03 pm

Takahiro would smile and pick up his badge and he would nod proud that Colt had came through for him. Now there was just whatever that was next and he was sure that he would make it through that task as well. He felt like they had been in here for so long now and was itching to get what he came here foe already.


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yang Trial} (Takahiro & Colt)   

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STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yang Trial} (Takahiro & Colt)
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