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 STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yin Trial} (Zaku & Cleopatra)

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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yin Trial} (Zaku & Cleopatra)   17th May 2017, 12:12 pm

OOC: I forgot to mention this but, one of your (Mitsuton) posts you called Cleo by her actual name, please change it to Karliah since she hasn't told anyone her real name yet.

"Sure, as long as you don't hurt yourself in the process." Cleo smirked at his walk and though she was interested in the other path she was more confident in his ability, clone or not, to deal with whatever came up. She would inspect their badges, they still needed three more and then they'd be done with this task, she hoped they weren't holding the others up though as she hated being a burden especially when it was something Hiro felt strongly about. She was still unsure about this place, twice two of her teammates had hurt themselves badly if not for their Pandoran constitution then their actions could of killed them or worse left them crippled. She knew Hiro wasn't as reckless as Zaku or Stohana were but it didn't mean she didn't worry that something might be happening and she wasn't there to heal him like she was for the others. She would worry her bottom lip as she continued to walk as she continued to work herself up due to thoughts of bad things happening to the others. It wasn't as if she thought they were weak it was just they liked to take risks and if Stohana's risk taking put Hiro in danger, she would end the Spring Lords life herself regardless of the consequences.


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yin Trial} (Zaku & Cleopatra)   17th May 2017, 4:17 pm

The first clone would find that his punch was blocked by the tail, while the second was dispersed. The first would dodge the tail flick with the same SS-Rank+ Speed and move around to the creature's side, jabbing his fingers at it's eyes once more with SS-Rank+ Speed, aiming to do some damage to it. He was alone now and he doubted that he would be able to take the creature out on his own, due to his composition and his lack of physical weapons. He was screwed, if he was being completely honest.

Zaku himself strolled along absently, and felt the rise of a want within him: the need to kill. It had been too long since his last kill, though it hadn't been that long. And his clones should have been back by now...Perfect excuse to go kill something, he decided "Huh. On second thought...you keep going. Those assholes are taking too long, so they must've stumbled on something really juicy. I can't pass this up, y'know?" He flashed a smirk before turning and rushing back in the direction his clones had gone with SS-Rank+ Speed, the idea of a fight sending his pulse racing a bit. Once he caught up to where he had left his clones, he activated his Raidengan in order to see anyone who may be hiding, before heading down the hallway they had entered. Upon seeing the creature via his electrolocation, he would smirk. The more kills, the merrier... He couldn't see either clone, so they were either destroyed or invisible. He didn't really care though, dashing forward at his same SS-Rank+ Speed and drawing his sword at the same speed, aiming a crimson-coated strike at the creature's midsection, aiming to lop off the tail that had defended as well as cut open the creature's belly.


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yin Trial} (Zaku & Cleopatra)   18th May 2017, 1:17 pm

The creature would close it's eyes deciding that since it's opponent kept going after it, that it would just have to rely on it's other senses to detect him, not that they weren't just as impressive as it's eye-sight. However upon doing so it would attempt to lash out at the clone once more relying on it's hearing and sense of smell to try and pinpoint his location at the cost of being unaware albeit initially of Zaku's entrance. However it would quickly note that someone else was approaching it and would rely on it's tried and true defenses to withstand the strike at least until said strike cut it open causing the partially digested chunks of flesh to spill to the ground along with it's blood. Among said chunks were three more badges, Katana, Kunai & Nodachi, which upon gathered in addition to the rest would result in Zaku and Cleo being the first from their party to manage to clear this task. Who knew how the others were fairing or how close they were at likewise proceeding through the task thrust upon them...


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yin Trial} (Zaku & Cleopatra)   

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STG - Denkou Ancestral Grounds {Yin Trial} (Zaku & Cleopatra)
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