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 Armen's Training Session: What a Day

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PostSubject: Armen's Training Session: What a Day   19th April 2017, 5:50 pm

Let me tell you about me and my weird tendencies. My name is Armenezra Doublestackums Rikigaku and I’m a certified gangster in the streets of ASN. People usually can’t understand me when I talk but that’s because compared to me everyone else is sort of stupid, ya dig? I’ve come to that conclusion when I realize that I understand what everyone else is saying yet no one has the comprehension to understand what I’m saying. Sounds a bit unfair doesn’t it, everyone communicating and getting one another, and the only people that get me are my siblings. They are simply the realest thing out here in these streets. Especially my twin brother Decimus now that brutha is just the smoothest criminal that has ever criminaled. I know criminaled isn’t a word, I’m smart remember? If you don’t get with the program now this story telling is going to be a real hell for you trust me on that. Anyway, that dude Decimus is real, truth is he never wanted to be a shinobi at all. He simply wanted to be a rapper and the dude is legit the best that’s ever done it in rapping. I plan on bringing some of that rap city madness to ASN next time I visit; let them ninjas know that the realest mofo to ever walked asn knows some good music to match. Still it’s a bit messed up that I don’t get to have my brother everywhere I go anymore. He used to be the best companion ever. Whenever people used to get a smart mouth with me, my brother would be the first to pop off smacking the hell out of the dude. There was no messing with us, we were feared and people came correct to us. Id beat them with that logical while my brother popped off with the fist. It’d be like a beating and an educational lecture at the same time. That’s what I miss, now people say smart shit right back to me and get away with it. I would try to punch them on my own but im more of a throwing things type of dude. Give me a stick a boomerang anything, even a fork and I can make the guy pay for sure. But Hand to hand, I’m just decent at it.
I remember the other day, Rai was talking shit, but you know the way he talks shit. He says like two words, keeps doing what he does and reads the damn book.  I think the situation was over a gallon of milk. He was about to pour the last milk into his bowl and I specifically told that dude. Hey man I should have the last milk since im older and I need to take care of my bones more. You know I don’t have life release to reinforce my bones, so I need the calcium anyway I can get it. You know what dude told me? He said well im a growing boy, then poured the last of the milk into the bowl and looked at me like he was smizing with his eyes and continued to eat the bowl and read at the same time. OOOOO, man I know just reading about this must make you hot. That kid has too much sauce in him for his young age of nine years old. Rai is like the kid that didn’t get any beatings growing up, that everyone just let him walk around doing whatever he wanted. If I could and it wouldn’t start a crazy war I would pull out my belt and teach the kid a lesson. Atlas that kid that deserves a beating soo bad is also a captain. Our kid prodigy and one hell of a person to pick a fight with. But had my brother been there, kid would’ve gotten splacked soo quick man he wouldn’t even know what to do. No one would be having that cereal ill tell you that much. Then theres hope, yea my ninja hope. Dude literally wont stop talking in medical terms at everyone. No one gets it and at first we all were proud of him because you know Bachiatari is growing so there are going to be a lot more injuries occurring soon, so its to our benefit that we get the best medic ever. But he is just too much. Dude just speaks in medical terms for everything, talking about faunasurius when we have Aneki steak and I can tell even Rai is lost as hell when Hope starts talking and kid is our boy genius. But one day Hope just went to far. I could have sworn he called my species homos. He said something about monogomy is barely a common thing or homosapiens. Like why couldn’t we just be sapiens, like did we have to be homo too. So clearly I whooped his ass. Well atleast that’s what should’ve been done, but no! I had to get into a huge pointless debate about how im not gay, and I never even thought of kissing a man. He clearly didn’t believe what I had to say since he wanted to continue to call me a homosapien. And worst part is that he told me that he was 100% sure about it. Had my brother even been in the room when that medical turd would’ve called me that, I can tell you real quick what would’ve happened. Lightnign release, splacked in the face. And obviously I wouldn’t just stand there, id have to get low to that medical nerds face level and tell him I aint no homo ya dig. We just don’t play that shit in my streets is all. We need that shit to be soft and wet and gushy. Hope just plays too much man he needs to know that not everyone is going to want to play those games with him . I remember specifically after that day I only knew one thing I could do to get my mind off of such a blatant insult. I had to get me some me time, with junior officer Tierney’s nude photos then train until I drop you know. Because its been a while since I gave bankai a real spin, no one has given me such a challenge that I would need to have it out you know. So that’s what I did, I went to my training grounds which that day happened to pretty much be the backyard of the bachiatari hide out and went BANKAI! Man that’s just a word you cant get tired of saying I kid you not, I promise you just say it, BANKAI! Its awesome, the word itself would motivate you to train even if you were as sick as a dog. One shout of that word and youll be running ten marathons .
Anyway before I further lose my place, I bankai’ed it up training different styles and also getting a very good conversation in with Arukami and Zenose. I don’t know how, but those two have a great personality. My bake, learned a new technique too, he was telling me about it. Its called Onmyotomites. Those things sound extremely deadly and costy I honestly cant wait to whip it out in battle. Completely devour my opponent’s chakra and show them why I don’t play any games. Especially those Alcolyte scums that seem to practically be demons you know.  There are certain techniques as well that I spoke to the three of them about developing. One is a blood technique which can help me increase the amount of blood that I have. In battle you can avoid most things, but entering a fight hoping to avoid everything is just a bit unrealistic.  Since I don’t come in knowing everything there might be a day when I do get hit and I get hit big my a sword slash or a serious cut. Ill want to be able to go through the pain but also what about the blood lost. I recall my last encounter with a Tigrex didn’t go as planned and I suffered a lot of bleeding had medics not been in the area, I would’ve died for sure. That’s insane you know.  I had the thing beat and suddenly it does this stupid roar that throws me way off my plan and practically could’ve taken a huge bit of me, fortunately I was airborne and some poor fauna ended up being its lunch instead. I really can’t be messing around with these Fauna’s anymore. You know what would’ve happened to that tigrex if my brother was there when that happened. That tigrex would’ve gotten meet throw right at his face, followed by a right hook splack in the face again by my brother. I don’t know how I would’ve done it but I would’ve gotten on his level and lecture the heck out of him for even thinking about dreaming about having me for its Sunday dinner. The heck this tigrex think this is huh? Man this is why I miss my brother, just no one not even fauna could mess with me. Plus I like having my bake around, and my organoids too but damn it I look crazy as shit talking to things people cant really see, or understand . Bachiatari seems like a prison lowkey. You don’t get to do much of anything but work, and if youre lucky some pandorean idiot comes through to talk shit. And we aren’t even the strongest faction out there either, ASN is booming in strength while we are still trying to figure out who our next Earth seal user is going to be. Shogunate, man don’t even talk about shogunate. I have yet to gather the courage to even pay them a decent visit.

I can only imagine what its like in shogunate territory. Probably a bunch of samurai looking folks with swords and armor. While the women bring them all tea because that seems to be all the drink over there, and all they do is sip, because no one is ever really thirsty in the shogunates.  All they do is sit on their knees all day braiding each other’s hair in preparation for war if ASN even sneezes their way. So as Bachiatari that is much weaker than the two what exactly are we supposed to do when they go at each other. Im guessing that theyd probably have to cross us first before getting into the other’s territory but damn what exactly are we going to do when the traps don’t work and we have to fight them hand to hand. At this point im guessing we will just probably die, since peace is our cause and duty. Well as for me I refuse to die, which Is why I go above and beyond to continuously train and make sure that im at my Apex before that time comes. Though there hasn’t been a major war in years I will always train as if there is one right across the corner. Always surprising my opponents with more and evolved versions of who I am.  People think they got me figured out but every time I have more and more to me, like right now im currently training my fourth element, which no one even knew was suiton. Yea im changing things up for myself, after mastering the art of shurikenjutsu my first love I think its best to also have a couple of skills to fall back on when shurikenjutsu is rendered obsolete. Whenever I can I also have to go and get my arms upgraded by the lovely Jazz. I don’t know if she even remembers me; I should’ve called or something to say hi.  But if she does remember me I recall she really likes gems and last time I guess that’s all she took for payment. I really owe her a lot because the arms she gave me got me a lot further than my normal arms would’ve. Althought id never wish being an amputee on myself it is really neat to have the arms that I do that literally can help me out of many situations like it has before.  But if my brother was around and not off being an amazing rap star, do you know what would happen to intruders? Im sure that you can guess it by now, trap, just for a slight distraction while my brother appears from the side and splack them bam! Right in the face, meanwhile I explain to them thoroughly why they need to turn back go home and never think of traveling this way to start trouble again. I hope this rap career thing gets boring for my brother soon so that he can come back and we can give some people well deserved beatings. I remember the first time I met Reiver, dude almost got splacked but instead I continued to speak with the guy. My lectures are just taken for a joke without Decimus coming through and laying that slap on their faces. In this particular instant, maybe it was best that Decimus wasn’t around because then we would’ve done more wrong than good.

Its really crazy to see that the dude is actually still alive. For once in life everyone around me was wrong and I was the one that was right for a change. Im telling you had these guys came from the streets theyd be a lot better at figuring stuff out. The streets teach that if you don’t see a body then that person is roaming around somewhere in no mans land. And guess what? Reiver was doing just that and is sort of still doing just that. Actually the dude told me to my face that he plans on going on a sweet little vacation while his girl and kid have to see my pretty face from time to time delivering the crappiest of news that Reiver is dead. This part sucks the most because I know damn well that he’s living it up somewhere, licking on some bad bitches. Speaking of women, I really think I like this girl but shes a subordinate of mine. Her name is Tierney and man I wish my brother was around, because well maybe not . Maybe smacking her in the face wouldn’t be the best way to get her to be interested in a guy like me. Man the bubble butt and nice skin is insanely tempting and I think its about time I get to have some fun you know. It isn’t fair that because im an important figure that I can’t go and ravish on my underlings. But either way I find not talking about these things at all to be the best remedy. Speaking of finding dads although im sure that’s a whole lot of topics ago, I forgot to ask Reiver if he knows who my dad is and where I can find his punk ass and make him pay me child support. It would suck if my dad was pandorean because if so then my dad and I may never become a happy family after all and somehow I kind of got stuck with this brotherhood. Well most of the brother hood Takahiro seems to be the most difficult dude to get to know, which is weird because I thought my hatred for what happened to me in the exams would’ve been it. But despite the exams after our spar him and I have been really cool lately. Actually im thinking of asking him to help me create a powerful organoid fueled off of blood. Im thinking of making it a fire based organoid that does spiritual damage and gives blood. That would be super ideal . Fire based Kenjutsu is extremely useful afterall. But something seems to be missing, oh that’s right my brother. He’s the one that I want to go on these adventures with but Rai is cool too. I just don’t get why Takahiro won’t allow himself to bond with everyone it like he thinks that by having friends he get soft of something. Heck maybe hes right, im hella strong but I just recently found friends to hand with like that. But its true to I don’t have many friends outside of those being obligated to be around me all the time. Which I find hilarious personally because its like they cant out run loving me. On a serious note,im going to have to find a way to break through Takahiro and have him trust me , maybe a group meeting is what all of bachiatari is missing at this point. A meeting to show that we will be there for each other. Whatever it is that Takahiro will have to do I think we have to be ready to do that for him, no matter the cost.  I just hope that its not something insane like double crossing the ASN. If that’s the case then we will need to create more than just power. We will need to start developing a political bond to somehow have it in their worst interest to every go against bachiatari on most cases. This isn’t too hard to do we just need leverage. We’ll need to have something they don’t. But for now I have a trip to ASN scheduled soon anyway. In that trip I will get to know what they are hiding within their walls and some political stuff as well and if Bachiatari can get a foot in then ill be the first to volunteer. Things are getting tougher around here and the people are starting to panic. Now more than ever we need to be united and get things done.

On a less serious note, my student Kris is quickly improving and may soon be ready for the chuunin exams. Granted she doesn’t seem as strong as I was at her level but she still shows a ton of promise and win or lose participating in the exams are sure to get her up to speed in combat. Mainly since she is going to become a future leader of the combat division she must be built in fire. She must have the expertise in high stakes combat. But like I said she shows tons of promise so im no too worried about her although. I am worried about what her parents might think of her career choice. Last I remembered her parents weren’t too pleased, they’ll be even less pleased knowing that she has joined the Bachiatari military forces and is being trained to be a leader at her young age. If I had a choice I really wouldn’t have chosen her, but I rather chose a young lady with promise, that I can train to be a survivor and contribute a great amount to the faction, then to recruit a person of age with lesser promise and lesser teachability to go out there and lose their life. If that’s the case I rather my decision any day. The plan is to save as many lives as I possibly can, and I can’t do it alone, so itll require for everyone to stay safe, trained and hungry. Now with her crystal release I know that she shares the same attributes as Reiver, so maybe he could teach her a trick or two.  I have no idea what I want to teach her as an S rank, maybe wind release armor a technique that my sensei passed on to me, maybe I can pass it on to her, itll be pretty sweet to see that. But why would she need flight, it will be something id have to ask her. The speed on the other hand is always a perk and the defensive property cant hurt either. Maybe I can teach her to use crystal release using the knowledge that I do have about release armors.  This is a lot to think of with whats going on as of late, but whatever it is that she is working on, we will all work through it together to develop a solid team to take on any adversity together.
Lately ive been finding myself getting really exhausted. I think maybe its because ive been going to sleep way too late or maybe its because of all the paper work. I don’t remember the last time I went outside to play a sport. Its like im hiding in doors so that paper work wont find me, but it always does. I cant wait for the visit to ASN I wont be called commander or anything just good old Armen. I can catch up on some old friends like Calesto and Liara, maybe even see Himiko. Rumor has it that she’s got some students now too, going through the motions and becoming a stand up ninja for the ASN.  Not to mention I heard her strength is also through the roof nowadays. That’s something I would love to test out personally in private some time. I wonder if she has a boy friend now. She always seemed the type to get locked down at a young age. I wonder what type of guy he is, maybe she surprised everyone and got someone just like Armenezra and got someone dark skinned and very smooth. Well it wont be long before that day come so until then I have to live with my brother being a far rapping his heart out while doing minimal bachiatari work. Meanwhile im stuck here with these need I say white shinobis that have very dark stories and are all relatively sad about everything. Except Rai, hes a kid what does he have to be sad about, although rumor has it that his team died one time, but I think that is what it is, just a rumor.
So today the goal is to train as much as I possibly can with the reserves that I have. I have taken the liberty as well to expand my knowledge of fuinjutsu and affinities. And upon my discovery ive found that I can go ahead and learn another primary element. So far I have with me Futon, Raiton, Katon, Suiton, and now I also have doton. That one was interesting to learn. I have to read up on a seal similar to the ones that make up my arm’s fire sealing method. After doing such I had to read properly on how to recreate such a seal so that it can work for solid based elements. After much research ive manage to do just that and now while I train affinity I will be able to turn  what I have obtained unnaturally with Doton into a natural use of it. This was such a great discovery giving me 4 primary elements and my bake using yin-yang release.  With this Ill be able to cover many different damage types very soon which is perfect because I can counter almost any release placed before me. Making me an all around tough person to combat.

I wonder if Crystal sensei would be proud of my progress. And more importantly I wonder if my progress will make me the strongest member of bachiatari there is. I need to continue growing and expanding what I know, such as how I expanding in my knowledge of the three sealed barrier, I was surprisingly capable of bringing it up to eleven seals. That is astounding for me. Just a month ago I was still rocking the three sealed barrier and dropping opponents like they were hot cakes. Time moves slow but flies through at the same time. I often think about if I could take it all back. Maybe not become a shinobi at all, and just live a basic life. Play ball or jump kids in the playground for their lunch money. Possibly run into trouble from some try hard genin. But the more I think about it Ive found, that this is living for me. Learning and breaking my own limits everyday. That in itself is literally my happiness and I love being happy.  Two arms or no arms at all im writing a future and maybe one where kids can run and not worry about getting their arms chopped off by ninja art.
Either way that time is far to come and as I train and grow stronger I can only assume that my opposition is doing the same. But I must not get discourage because people depend on me. My brother whose a rapper , Rai, Takahiro, Hope, and Kris. Bachiatari needs their leaders to be strong, so how can I demand that of them if I don’t make a primary example of what strength looks like. On top of that ive discovered that now ill have to learn to do more than just write properly, ill have to learn to talk properly too. Sometimes although I know im smarter, I have to do what they like to keep the peace. Besides it wont benefit anyone if on the battle field im warning them of a danger to come, but they die because they cant understand the way I talk. That would be very said and quite frankly Reiver would be right about me. So one step at a time im studying their dialect and the way they structure and pronounce their words. Which by the way I find unnecessarily long and a waste of time. My way of speaking is more direct and to the point. No confusion as to what I mean to say besides of course the fact that they just don’t understand me somehow.
Great its lunch time at the Bachiatari house hold and that’s always interesting as hell Hope can cook too and pretty good although I personally believe that all his food lacks hot sauce. Like can it even be considered food without the right amount of spicy. The answer is no so don’t even think about it too much.  But what I don’t like too much about the dinner times is that Rai eats too much and Takahiro doesn’t eat enough. Dude acts like he’s permanently depressed. You put too much on his plate he might cry, its like eating a full plate reminds him of a full clan getting slaughtered or something. I really don’t know how to help the guy at this point, meanwhile rai just eats as if he’s the only one at the table that needs nutrition. So normally I do what any mature adult does about it, I spit on the food and no one ever asks for a serving again. I wish but other then my list of complaints, my training is going great and bachiatari is growing stronger within the day. Just got to give us some time to figure each other out and before we know it, we’ll be changing the world once again. A vision that reiver has shared with us from the beginning. The vision of peace and prosperity throughout the neutral lands.  To liberate the land from depression and war. To live in a world where death is more natural then caused by pointless disputes that never prosper.
That’s the kind of world I see myself starting a family in. That’s the kind of world that I see my kids making friends of all kind of races. But sometimes to make something good come from nothing good, some blood has to be shed. It’s a harsh truth but im starting to understand that. We all are, for every member of Bachiatari are relatively young. Maybe one day we will all live to see rai grow up and make more rai babies to show him how sassy he use to be as a kid as well. Always highly opinionated about everything. That would be a dream but for now we are the watchmen, so all we can do is watch.

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PostSubject: Re: Armen's Training Session: What a Day   19th April 2017, 6:01 pm

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~A message to all~

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This has been a friendly PSA from Dadmin Blade. Have a good day.
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PostSubject: Re: Armen's Training Session: What a Day   11th October 2017, 2:42 pm

It’s the same old thing every time. We are born into a world that treats us like crap and somewhere down the line we find someone or something that we are willing to protect with our lives. Such a weird development, almost a way to keep us tied down to this reality. Once love is found all rationality seems to leave the mind and it leads us to doing such idiotic things. Sometimes said things costs us everything we’ve ever worked for, and in other cases said things costs us our lives. I hate to admit it but I’m no different. I was born one of the triplets that were regarded as delinquent bastards with no future. Friends didn’t come by easy, food and necessities was also incredibly difficult to come across. I remember these things like yesterday; my sister digging through the trash cans of nearby restaurants relying on the spoiled nature of the locals. Wasted food was breakfast, lunch and dinner for my sis and brothers. Even waste didn’t come easy, for the workers at such restaurants would constantly chase after us like animals to keep us away from their trash.
We didn’t really understand why our lives were chosen to be this way. Our mother is a Rikigaku, a very respected clan within the ASN but its rumored that ever since our father left us, that she had isolated herself. That isolation led to a disconnect between her and the clan along with the abandonment of her kids. It didn’t take long before we grew tired of spoiled foods and went into stealing fresh ones. From food to stealing items off of people and ganging up on unsuspecting civilians. My life was worthless, and all it meant to be alive was surviving every day; regardless of what survival cost for my family. It wasn’t long before we took up our own names, completely rejecting our mother from our lives and declaring ourselves independent from the reputation of our parents. We were the Doublestackums family and everything we did, we did together. I never would’ve imagined that years later I would put my life on the line for the sake of villages and nations. The same villages that had forsaken me in my youth. The same nations that I had robbed, and beaten on. Now I’m here in the fields breaking my limits and racking my brain, hoping to come up with a resolve to protect everyone with me on this expedition. They put their faiths in me and came together in the name of protecting the hidden villages. As bachiatari I will do all that I can to protect the world of ninja and the world of the shogunate.

Ive been working on technique that utilizes the power of Ezra’s Yin-Yang chakra in order to hamper and eliminate the use of chakra using techniques, giving me a more advantage against chakra users and techniques. But its going to take some work right now I barely understand how this element works. Its up to Ezra to really master it. With the help that he can provide we can possibly subdue a majority of the creatures I come across especially if they use chakra as well. Admittedly we’ve been on this case all day and it was time to take a break. Leaving it all up to Ezra to figure out , I’d go off to enjoy the finer things one last time. Making sure that I had enough meals, enough fun times to remind myself that im no longer that boy that was rejected by everyone. Now I am a leader that is looked towards for protection, and guidance. I will guide the future so that young ones wont have to grow in an age of war. So that they will not be forced to take up arms and kill other youngins. This is my dream a world where everyone cares. A world where you can dream of getting older. Not one where everyday is a fight to survive by any means necessary. I will not allow children that I cross paths with experience an upbring like my own and if I can help it no young person will be forced to go on missions resulting in trauma and fatalities. But for now this is only just a dream, because our lives are still threaten by forces that no one man can control. No matter how hard I study, no matter how powerful I get, there’s no way I can do this alone. Yes I must get strong but I must also make friends, invaluable ties to people that are hungry for change and to protect the next generation. I will put my life on the line for that and maybe at the end of it, I can get to keep it. He who cherished his life will run but wont keep it. But those who fight for it may win and keep it. Leave not any regrets when you meet the face of death, but smile and leave hope for the next generation. Everything I will do from here on out is to leave my legacy perfectly intact. My legacy will be the strength of the next generation. Soon we face the biggest threat to our future yet, the massive five tailed Gobi. We prepare yet we are still blind to what is needed and what we will see.

All I know from that day is that whatever it is, its power is immense and although I lack the ability to feel chakra from far away I was still capable of sensing its almighty presence. Ive been training hard for this specific moment but I feel that even with all my training I lack the ability to even damage such an anomaly. The plan so far is to use Arukami’s abilities along with Ezras Yin-Yang to make something happen. We sure hope that no one gets killed in this endeavor or in my case I don’t lose anymore limbs over things. Seeing as Jazz isn’t around anymore to replace my broken limbs. Maybe liara can help in these cases but it isn’t best to assume that she’d be around or willing to do so. Everyday sense that meeting we’ve all been preparing and I think that we are coming to a solution. From there I will learn them and how the ASN elites operate, for this will be the first time ive had an epic mission with the elites of ASN.

Later in the day Ezra returned to me with news of what he has mastered. Turns out he really is much like me, he is very ingenious about creating techniques . Together we will prove to be a formidable force against the Gobi, hopefully he isn’t as scary as he seems. Or is it a she, what sex are bijuus anyway. With Ezras development and my training up to this point its safe to say that I’m ready for this encounter. But we will need to find ways to engage this thing from long range and deal massive damage to it. Maybe then ill make a true name for myself as the king of boomerangs. Nah captain boomerang, or maybe even phantom boomerang since now im a ghost. Either way time is running out we will need to search for this beast and be ready. It would be in my best interest to create some combination. I hope decimus and the others back in bachiatari are holding it down for a brutha. I plan to be home soon but not until I come back a hero, a real G and a big dawg amongst those in asn. With Ezras Yin-Yang, my five elements, and my organoid, with my elite combat prowess, maybe I can definitely make a difference for the team. I plan to be a factor.

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PostSubject: Re: Armen's Training Session: What a Day   11th October 2017, 2:49 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Armen's Training Session: What a Day   

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Armen's Training Session: What a Day
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