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 The Island of Ethyria

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PostSubject: The Island of Ethyria   4th May 2017, 6:39 pm

Name: Ethyria
Description: Ethyria, also called the Lost Sister of Dipugakure and the City of the Depths, Ethryia is an underwater island built by the Shinobi who pioneered the art of making such islands several hundred years ago, which has approximately the same internal space as found in Old Dipugakure. The shinobi left the waters of Ethyria hundred years ago for the waters of Dipugakure and it's newer counterpart, founding technology such as re-breathers in order to support their underwater travel.

The island was then founded by a splinter of the Zakiyoshi clan that had run from their brethren, revitalizing the island that had fallen into disrepair and drawing in the attention of those who could also reach the Ocean's depths in order to find the Island, namely Dobutsu and, more recently, Faunus of the Aqua Tribe. Those who remade the island have long since made ship capable of traversing the depths of the water in order to reach their island, for trade and commerce purposes. Due to their relatively hidden position, the island has very few people who come to wreak havoc, though there are some inhabitants that take advantage of the less fortunate of the island.
Exact Location within Area West

Current Places Within

Current Activities Available
Bounties (Wanted) - Reward in Niikos
1. Garth "Sorrow" Curry (Alive) -  4000
2. Hila "Princess" Zakiyoshi (Dead or Alive) - 5,000 (Dead), 2,500 (Alive)
3. Stephen "Pride" Curry (Dead or Alive) - 7,500  (Alive), 3,250 (Dead)
4. Jackson "Black Manta" Hyde (Dead) - 9000 (Dead)
5. Mera "Queen" Zakiyoshi (Alive) - 10,000

Missions - Merit Reward (Niikos Reward)
1. The Sorrowful Son - 250 (2500)
2. The Dutiful Husband - 300 (3000)
3. The Sister Scorned - 500 (5000)

Branching Mission - Reward
1. The Queen of Ethyria
*Crew Bounty Reward - 21,400 (Divide it Among Crew Members)
*Crew Booty Reward - 1,400 Niikos x PC Crew Members
*Choice Dependent Bounty Reward - Up to 4000 Niikos Per Crew Member
*Special Condition Completion Reward - Devil Fruit Obtainment

Overall Income Generated Pending
Overall Upkeep Pending

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The Island of Ethyria
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