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 On the road again? [Gehenna - Sheol]

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PostSubject: On the road again? [Gehenna - Sheol]   15th May 2017, 1:26 pm

It was time. The Blade was due back in Sheol, now that his leave was just about up. Only a few days still remained to be used, yet he concluded it’d be best to begin integrating back into the usual grind early. Haru had already taken his leave of Gehenna. Luckily for him, a caravan was in the process of starting their journey back to Limbo on the same day.

In an attempt to save stamina from walking or chakra from flying to his destination, he offered his services as a bodyguard. The Mishura had left the very symbol of his status back in Sheol. Safe as it was stored away in the usual place when one of their positions had not been filled. Though at times he would catch himself grasping for Kiba’s hilt time and time again, only to grip a handful of air. Surely, it would be quite easy to pass off despite not exactly fitting the look. With a simple yet swift flick of some shuriken against a nearby wall, some eyes lit up clearly impressed while others seemed interested but had witnessed the same trick many times.

Not wanting to play a clown’s role, the Blade appealed to them from a logical standpoint. Haru would explain that although their wares and supplies for the majority had been delivered, a caravan still held the image of something ready to be taken in a bandit’s eyes. As a bonus, he was willing to do the job simply for a ride and assured them that he was skilled enough to handle bandits, if any came their way.

Taking him up on his offer the lead of the group welcomed him with a seat beside him at the forefront of the group. Dust clouded behind them as they went on the move. Taking a black steel pawn from his back pouch, Haru began to manipulate it through his Myokuton release. The pawn would effortlessly rise from his hand, a steady twirl would begin followed by a flip or two. The piece was his puppet and always would be. Distant eyes peered away from the piece and soon became lost in the blue sky above. It was for the most part clear with a few pieces of cotton littered about.

Thoughts would deafen the noise of the caravan, the beasts pulling ahead, and even the leader beside him. Haru let his mind wander on, enjoying what questions and answers would make themselves known. After a while thoughts of his clan had arisen, well it was only his clan by way of his blood and name. He didn’t see himself as part of the clan since that moment all those years ago when he pledge allegiance to the Shogun. It was a grasp for power, yes, but one he would continue to build on. Was it wrong of him? That was debatable. He for one saw no error in his judgment. Now they too were a part of the Shogun’s forces. Lips crept into a small smile.


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PostSubject: Re: On the road again? [Gehenna - Sheol]   15th May 2017, 9:18 pm



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On the road again? [Gehenna - Sheol]
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