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Join the fight against the Gobi in the Land of Graves

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 STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)

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PostSubject: Re: STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)   8th July 2017, 1:01 pm

Zaku had quickly gone from confident Hiro would win, to tense in an instant. That match had been almost a perfect draw up until the end, and he had been saying a long stream of obscenities under his breath up until that point. If Hiro had lost...Zaku didn't know what he would do. Probably bring him back to life so he and Xan could kick his ass for being such a fuck-up, but he had won so they didn't have to worry about that. He was still pissed though, for having been so tense and worried. He walked directly past the treasury to follow Hiro, trusting Cleo to seal whatever they needed away in order to deliver the weapons to the Isley home. Zaku glared at Hiro's back for a moment before calling out "Maybe you should train harder so people aren't able to fuck you up as much, yeah? Fucking idiot." He stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked along quickly.

[Zaku Exits]


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)   13th July 2017, 10:17 am

"This is how it ends..." Such were Takahiro's last thoughts as he was convinced that his life would end in such a shameful way, thus when he was awoken with the words of Raijin he would slowly get up trembling at what had just occurred. He had lost, he had trained constantly even left the ASN who he thought were holding him back to gain more power and yet he had still lost. Everything he was doing it clearly was not enough, he thought about Hiroshima someone who like him didn't seem tethered to the Denkou Clan and wondered how a bastard would possibly outmatch him who had the noble blood of the Denkou Headship flowing through his veins. It was then he realized exactly what he was missing, a rival someone to push him constantly instead of him merely chasing a distant enemy he needed someone who he could constantly struggle against in order to serve as a foothold in his development. While Takahiro could be one, and he would make a mental note to fight him again in the future he had in mind someone who he could truly call a rival within the Bachiatari someone who he needed to fight against in order to truly excel.

"I am grateful for this opportunity honorable ancestor. Friends, I am deeply ashamed at my failure and recognize that if not for you three I wouldn't have even gotten this far. Thus our rewards I feel should be shared equally amongst us unless any of you disagree?" Taka said looking back at the others to get a read on them and if no complaints were made he would walk forward into the storeroom and would first and foremost pick up the Kirin Horn and claim it for himself. That would be the only selfish desire of his, and to compensate for that he would reduce his share of Denkou weapons to be claimed appropriately.

Takahiro Claims:


"I've grown disillusioned with the idea of a shinobi, innumerable amounts of them are seen running around throwing around flashy ninjutsu and have lost sight of what it truly means to be a true assassin. Perhaps I'll be the one to shatter that illusion, and reeducate the populace on what it really means...to be called, Shinobi."
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PostSubject: Re: STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)   13th July 2017, 11:13 am

Nyen almost broke in the moment she thought Taka had died she actually had screamed only for everything to change and her being brought to a room that he was alive and well in. It had shocked her to the point that she broke her usual facade and would actually run over and hug him tightly glad that she hadn't lost someone else on her team. "You are so lucky, the next time you decide to go off and get yourself into some weird clan stuff, you better make sure to be strong enough not to scare us all half to death by getting killed!" Nyen said breaking the hug to glare at him with all she had but eventually she would cool down after he apologized and sigh. Personally she didn't care for the weapons, this was true and it was made even more evident when the main thing she took from the collection was Denki Cord. It was somewhat obvious why however, as she knew she could reconstruct Denki into a form more suitable for the way she fought and judging by Taka's views she knew he wouldn't feel slighted by her doing so. After all in the years they were in the ASN the Denkou had made sure not to allow for a Kaironokuma to get a hold of their coveted weaponry for that express purpose.

"You are forgiven Taka..just ugh be more careful in the future." she said while she watched Alyssa out of the corner of her eye happily looting the storage area. Speaking of Alyssa she selected what she wanted from what was left and looked towards Colt seeing as he was the last one to pick. "You might as well just grab everything that's left, especially since out of all of us you rely the most on weaponry. But hurry up, the sooner I'm out of this place and back home the better" she said motioning for the rest to follow her out of this place as soon as Colt finished collecting his loot.



(Nyen & Alyssa Exit)


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PostSubject: Re: STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)   13th July 2017, 7:03 pm

Colt appeared at the final location along with the ladies but when he looked around Takahiro was not with him. Takahiro had somehow gotten caught up in this life and death fight with another denkou member that left tears flowing down colts eyes. Though him and Takahiro weren't everyday friends, they were still buddies and he hadn't taken such risks just to see Takahiro die. But as lucky as ever, he was not to die today; this made Colt grateful. It was apparent that Pandora's power was still a bit out of their reach and though Takahiro had been bested, they all shared mutual feelings. Happiness that their friend still walks among the living. "It's all good buddy. heh! Next time you wont go soo easy on him! . Colt then lightly punch his shoulder with one hand and wipe his eyes with the other, meanwhile using the hand that he punch Takahiro's shoulder to separate him from Nyen all nonchalant.  After the interaction Colt collected his spoils and followed Nyen out of the place still wiping his eyes. " Lets get out of here, place is soo damn dusty".

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PostSubject: Re: STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)   

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STG - Kirin Steppe (Final Task, Showdown for the Rajin no Ken)
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