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 Stymirst Enclave

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PostSubject: Stymirst Enclave   15th June 2017, 7:42 pm

Name: Stymirst Enclave
Description: For a good part of Symirst Enclave, it’s home to a colossal, luminous, and ancient forest. At night, cascading lights bounce between the leaves allowed for a mosaic of sprouts to control the crunchy layer of leaves below. Bundled creepers embraced most trees, and an array of flowers, which desperately tried to claim the last remnants of light, protruded from the otherwise brown and green scenery. However, the Enclave is not all lost, it’s still home to a city called Atoll.

The City of Atoll was built at the edge of a mighty swamp of Symirst Enclave, taking advantage of the available gas and access to fossil fuels as the main trading product that Atoll has to offer. Its beauty is matched by the backdrop of mighty mountains which have helped shape the city to what it is today. The resources these mountains brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings mimic the broad slopes and steep peeks of the mountains.

The temperature climate of the enclave has led to a stretched population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in small outposts. Protection is provided as much as they can, but occasional swamp mutations of creatures, or the people themselves, can be difficult.  The people of Atoll are gentle towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with a hearty meal. They feel foreigners could vitalize the city’s well-being.
Atoll contains loose laws and law enforcement, which is expected in their circumstances in the enclave.

Exact Location within Area North-West

Current Places Within
- City of Atoll (South)
- The Savage Oasis (North)
- Titanic Hills (Center)
- Tagunnoas Valley (East)

Current Activities Available
Bounties (Wanted) - Reward in Niikos
1. Tags "The Collector"  Bravado (Alive) - 250
2. Seari "The Sorrowful"  Wemnito  (Dead or Alive) - 200 or 400
3. Bolland "Prejudice" Dhobemguc (Dead or Alive) - 500 or 250
4. Jabo "The Jokester" Selebo (Alive or Dead) - 300 or 600
5. Kakafaho "Witchdoctor"  Fofofaho (Dead) - 700

Missions - Merit Reward (Niikos Reward)
1. Global Warming - 340 (3,400)
2. Mutation Alert? - 200 (2,000)
3. The Laws of the Loose - 390 (3,900)

Branching Mission - Reward
1. There's something wrong with Sally Chambers....
*Crew Bounty Reward - 2800 (Divide it Among Crew Members)
*Crew Booty Reward - 105 Niikos x PC Crew Members
*Choice Dependent Bounty Reward - Up to 375 Niikos Per Crew Member
*Special Condition Completion Reward - Bonus Crew member (Bokor)

Overall Income Generated Pending
Overall Upkeep Pending
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Stymirst Enclave
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