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 The Island of Lactosia

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PostSubject: The Island of Lactosia   18th June 2017, 2:34 pm

Name: Lactosia
Description: This is an island that was once home to a rather peaceful grouping of assorted Faunus, being named Pax Animalia. It was a rather unique place, where Faunus from all different tribes and walks of life came together in order to make their home prosper. The peace and serenity of the island was disrupted when it was set upon by the Lactosia Pirate crew. Through not as fearful as the Midnight Buccaneers, the Lactosia Pirates were a powerful group and took command of the island in no time. Now, it is known as a place of tyranny. Any who oppose the new "Queen" of the Islands find themselves her slaves, or they disappear at her command. There are some from the old island's ways that say they should rebell, whilst others are content to leave command to the pirates and try to come to a relative peace. There is one thing that everyone there agrees upon however: don't drink the milk.
Exact Location within Area Center

Current Places Within

Current Activities Available
Bounties (Wanted) - Reward in Niikos
1. Sheila Eggington (Dead or Alive) -
2. Hannah Baker (Dead or Alive)
3. Elias "The Butcher" Gerhardt (Dead or Alive) -
4. Ashkaari "The Iron Bull" Hisraad (Dead) -
5. Melanie Lactosia (Alive) -

Missions - Merit Reward (Niikos Reward)
1. Pity Party: Milk and Cookies -
2. Pity Party: Gingerbread Man -
3. Pity Party: Cake -

Branching Mission - Reward
1. The Dairy Queen: Pacify Her
*Crew Bounty Reward -
*Crew Booty Reward -
*Choice Dependent Bounty Reward -
*Special Condition Completion Reward -

Overall Income Generated Pending
Overall Upkeep Pending

My Lil Monsters:
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The Island of Lactosia
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