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 Alyssa Customs DAWG

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PostSubject: Alyssa Customs DAWG   28th June 2017, 7:59 pm

Name: Kaze Bunshin (Wind Clone)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: Supp, Offense
Range: Close

Description: Basically your typical clone, formed from wind. It is easily bested by any sort of skill, but this clone is still better than the average bunshin as it is able to attack and be attacked.

Name: Yadama Henshin Bakuha (Projectile Deflection Blast)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: Offense and Defensive
Range: Close-Mid

Description: Building up a great amount of air in their chest, the user distils chakra to expel a great gust of wind directly from their mouth. The wind is not strong enough to push back something as solid as a human body but can deflect light projectiles such as kunai and shuriken

Name: Bouseki Tate no Kaze (Spinning Shield of Winds)
Classification: Ninjutsu
Class: Defense
Range: Mid

Description: Focusing on an area in front of them about 5 feet wide and across, the user dispels chakra to cause the wind to spin rapidly in a circular motion, creating something akin to a shield. Instead of deflecting attacks however the shield will reflect whatever was thrown at them back towards the enemy at the same speed it was fired at.

Name: Happa Shinkuutai [ Bursting Air Pockets ]
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: Supp
Range: Mid-Long

Description: Focusing on the air around them, the user is capable of causing parts of the wind to “burst” suddenly, causing anything nearby to be knocked aside. The burst does not do any damage however, and its primary purpose is to interrupt and leave the enemy open for further attacks. However the bursts can only be created within a twenty meter radius of the user and only at spots they are able to see.

<--- I shall train them once approved YAYAY ME!

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PostSubject: Re: Alyssa Customs DAWG   29th June 2017, 9:48 am

The naming scheme for elemental techniques is "[Insert Element] Release: [Insert Technique Name]" (in this case Wind Release: [Insert Technique Name]) please follow it.

Wind Clone - This technique would be C-Rank. Add in that it possesses all of the user's tiers, though in absence of defensive tiers (Defense/Endurance) it can be destroyed by C-Rank techniques. Upon it's destruction, it can unleash a blast of air within a set radius (use Short distance for a C-Rank). The blast of air knocks the victims back a set amount of feet (use Contact distance for C-Rank), and are dealt 3 Ds of Wind Release slicing damage.

Projectile Deflection Blast - This technique is completely redundant, as most if not all of Alyssa's techniques are capable of deflecting projectiles with much more efficiency. This is truly not needed.

Spinning Shield of Winds - This will be weak, due to being a D-Rank. It is only capable of deflecting projectiles moving at D-Rank or below speeds, while those backed by strength are incapable of being deflected at all (anything above D-Rank, including D-Rank+ and D-Rank++, will be unaffected). This shield will only be able to deflect projectiles, and will only be 10ft in diameter.

Bursting Air Pockets - This would not be a D-Rank, it would be a B-Rank minimum. And it would cost chakra in order to cause the pockets to burst, as well as a set amount of concentration time in order to cause them to burst. The force the pockets burst with is dependent on the chakra paid and the amount of concentration time required is dependent on the user's rank.

Also, you do not need to add in your intent to train the techniques once they are approved.

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Alyssa Customs DAWG
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