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 Kokou of the Haze

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PostSubject: Kokou of the Haze   6th July 2017, 4:04 pm

New Moon Island burned, as a singular natural disaster had encountered it, Kokou surveyed the destruction while the civilians who called said island their home fled in terror begging anyone, anywhere to please save them from this fate. However it would seem that no one would come to their aid, even as with a swipe of it's five tails it destroyed homes and other infrastructure. Even as villagers were killed in the hundreds as it left a trail of devastation through the various villages on this specific island. It didn't seem like it was done yet however, for it had discovered not just one, but several islands each depicting one of the various phases of the moon and clearly it was irritated by the presence of mortals in it's vicinity. It was only a matter of time before this wreckage spread to another island, and from there who knows whether or not the Bijuu decided to continue it's rampage closer towards the Dipugakure Islands or not.



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Kokou of the Haze
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