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 Isobu of the Silence

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PostSubject: Isobu of the Silence   6th July 2017, 4:31 pm

It was odd, as for almost a mile part of the West Ocean was shrouded in dense fog which was somewhat uncommon for this part of the sea. Especially considering a good portion of the weather at the moment was rather peaceful, clear skies and such inconsistencies were brought about by something unknown to those of the current generation. One of the nine had made it's presence known as it's awakening was heralded by the presence of the fog which concealed it's movement. It was only natural as it was rather shy, if not the most shy out of it's brethren and preferred to move unseen unless someone deliberately sought it out, or it's movements could no longer be concealed due to it's path being interrupted by land or infrastructure of some king.



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Isobu of the Silence
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