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 Shukaku of the Desert

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PostSubject: Shukaku of the Desert   6th July 2017, 4:50 pm

For the mainland of the Land of Silence, they were currently experiencing what was known as an unforeseen weather event, seeing as a massive sandstorm was raging through the land. While those safe up above in the various sky islands and in Shigakure or rather what was left of it were safe, those who made their homes within the sporadic forestry were fleeing in terror. The only sound that could be heard within the numerous grains of sand whipping about was ominous, as cackling laughter rang out almost completely muffled by the storm yet to those who had their peaceful lives suddenly destroyed it was like a warning bell telling all of those within the land that death was coming for them. Those of this generation did not know what such a thing meant, but long ago such a laugh sent chills to all of those who knew of the nine as the most lethal of the bunch had decided to roam once more.



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Shukaku of the Desert
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