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 Mato's Arsenal

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PostSubject: Mato's Arsenal   10th July 2017, 6:18 am

Name: Gravity Release: Singularity Style
Classification: Fighting Style
Rank: D
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self

Description: Ma'to's personal use of the Gravity Release element she possesses works in specific ways, and that is surrounding the concept of Singularities. This makes up the entirety of how Ma'to uses the Gravity Release, allowing her tight control over the element, however this leaves her unable to manipulate it in any way besides through Singularities.

Name: Singularity Fist
Classification: Fighting Style
Rank: C
Class: Offensive
Range: Self

Description: The basis of Ma'to's fight style involves a heavy use of her Gravity element. The strength comes in her ability to naturally generate singularities of powerful gravitational force at will. When fighting alone she has created a form of taijutsu that benefits from this effect, and works in a way that she can manipulate her opponent to heighten her own damage and to knock them off balance. Unless the opponent possess strength tiers equal to the rank of taijutsu skill, they feel the gravitational force pulling them in to each of Ma'to's blows at varying speeds, and receiving extra damage by the acceleration from both sides dependant upon the rank of skill.

Rank - Def Needed - Speed Pulled in - Additional damage
D - D - D- D
C - C - C- - 3D
B - B - B- - C
A - A - A- - B
S - S - S-  - A

Name: Detonation Pulse
Classification: Kugujutsu
Rank: C
Class: Offensive
Range: Short to Mid

Description: Making use of her fist shifting into the barrel of her shotgun form, she channels her Gravity element in to the barrel to create a single tiny singularity within. Still inside she detonates the singularity, turning the inwards force of gravity outwards creating a powerful short range pulse. This blow hits like a wall of force, dealing Gravity hybrid damage equal to Ma'to's speed due to how quickly she detonates the singularity.

Name: Metal Fist
Classification: Kugujutsu / Taijutsu
Rank: D
Class: Offensive
Range: Self / Close

Description: Partially transforming her hand in to her weapon form was one of the first tricks she learned, and as such is one of her most basic combat techniques that doesn't require her element. With her Metal Fist she strikes her opponent with the barrel of her weapon form on her fist. This technique is unlike most forms of taijutsu as it uses the weapon form to attack and as such deals damage based upon Ma'to's defence tier.

Name: Double Jump
Classification: Kugujutsu / Taijutsu
Rank: D
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self

Description: Whilst it is normally her arms that become the barrel of her shotgun weapon form, she can switch it up and have her legs form the barrel of her gun form individually for short periods of time. One of Ma'to's most used version of this comes from using her natural gravity element to create a singularity in the barrels of her gun and detonating them to expel a deal of force beneath her dependant upon her speed tier for detonation allowing her to move in midair by kicking her feet. Whilst it isn't made for the purpose, the force from her feet can be used offensively for short bursts of force to knock back opponents without causing damage unless they possess the same rank of strength tier to negate it.

Speed Tier - Midair Movement - Knockback
D - 5ft - 5ft
C - 10ft - 10ft
B - 15ft - 15ft
A - 20ft - 20ft
S - 25ft - 25ft

Name: Biotic Charge
Classification: Nintaijutsu
Rank: B
Class: Supplementary
Range: Mid

Description: Ma'to's control over gravitational forces can extend to her very self, as she refers to it, she turns her body itself into a singularity and reverses the gravitational forces so rather than pulling in, she is constantly giving out. This comes in most use for her 'Biotic Charge' in which she throws whole body forwards before activating the effect. This removes all resistances that can slow her down and gives the area around her body a distorted and wavy appearance. This technique alone turns her whole body into a bullet, sending her flying at speeds a full tier rank higher than her speed as she flies at her target. Collision after this transfers all of that energy into her target, requiring them to possess strength tiers equal to the speed she moved at, or be knocked back and down a distance.

Name: Elemental Ammo
Classification: Hojutsu
Rank: D
Class: Supplementary
Range: Varies

Description: Whilst Ma'to herself can generate bullets of Gravity element, where her weapon form really shines is in the ability to take in other forms of materia as ammo. This technique necessitates a wielder however as she cannot produce any materia herself.

Name: Singularity Shot: Draw
Classification: Hojutsu
Rank: C
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid-Long

Description: By using her knowledge of her Gravity Release and the way she uses it to make Singularities, Ma'to has developed a 'bullet' style that makes use of said singularities. In her weapon form she gathers her gravity release in the barrel, condensed tightly into a semi-tangible ball of Gravity Release, primed when fired and activated when the bullet impacts a target. Upon releasing, the bullet becomes a singularity spanning a gravity field of 5ft for two turns, drawing nearby objects in with weights dependant upon Ma'to's rank, capable of stacking for higher weights when multiple shots are fired. Against opponents using shuriken or hojutsu, requiring a rank of strength equal to or higher than Ma'to's rank to throw out of the singularity. The shot itself deals a C-rank of Gravity Release damage upon impact.

Rank - Weight of objects pulled in
D - 0
C - 1
B - 2
A - 3
S - 4



Name: Singularity Shot: Reversion
Classification: Hojutsu
Rank: B
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid-Long

Description: By using her knowledge of her Gravity Release and the way she uses it to make Singularities, Ma'to has developed a 'bullet' style that makes use of that unlike her typical Singularity Shot, taking the opposite effect. Upon forming the bullet in her barrel of her weapon form, Ma'ta reverses the Singularity making up the bullet. By reversing the singularity, the bullet's attractive properties are turned into repulsive properties, before being compressed to a high level. This results in the field of repulsion being pressed close to the bullet itself whilst also being strengthened, granting the projectile Defense Piercing properties due to the repulsive forces working to part any defenses the bullet comes against. This blast deals a B-rank of Gravity Release damage, with the damage dealt internally to the target.

*Cough* Just an idea: you can make singularity bullets
One that pulls in other projectiles, increasing the damage of the bullet

One that detonates on impact, dealing knockback

One that acts like a reverse singularity, pushing things away, and dealing piercing damage

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Mato's Arsenal
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