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 Never Easy[Void]

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PostSubject: Never Easy[Void]   11th July 2017, 8:50 pm

That sudden jolt you get when you awake with a purpose had Nekra off her feet before she even opened her eyes. Her room was rather small but along with the bed only 2 feet longer than Nekra herself she had a small wood desk next to her, in it already was a glass of water.

Nekra would chug the water and allow the liquid to jolt her body away before giving her face a slap and standing up with a stretch and small yawn. "I need to start sleeping sooner" She would not bother showering either from being lazy or not even think I of it all together but before long she was jolting down the stairs in a brown hat and goggles tan pants and a black shirt with a vest jacket over it allowing her pheromone injectors which were firmly placed on her wrist to be seen. Another miniscule factor so would be that her headband would be tied to her left forearm with 10 cards tucked under and held against the skin snuggly.

Being underground when you walked outside, there was no sudden glare from the sun no instead Nekra always felt the sudden feeling of the world crushing her from all around. She made plans but first things first she needed to grab a meal, she would start a slow pace and as she walked she decided some fruit would be best since she could two extra to any possible animals she meet, so here she was buying a bag full of assorted fruits and dried meats and when that was done. Nekra would start walking toward the surface, she had not been out on her own since her family had taken her in and she could already feel her heart beating in a anxious trot.  

It didn't take long to make it too the surface and when Nekra took her first step she so would place on her goggles in order to stop some of the sun's glare which was harsher than she imagined. Her game plan was not a well thought out one she simply started walking in order to find some type of creature.
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Never Easy[Void]
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