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 Mystery Island

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PostSubject: Mystery Island   28th July 2017, 3:08 pm

Name: Mystery Island
Description: This mysterious island is not well known, hence it's name and it is constant surrounded by fog which only abates at night to give it a sort of eerie look. While it does have locals they are a bit strange very subtle and prefer to vanish unexpectedly in mid conversation causing those who visit the island to quickly want to leave. Or maybe they wish to leave due to all of the unexplained happenings which frequent the place.
Exact Location within Area Center

Current Places Within

Current Activities Available
Bounties (Wanted) - Reward in Niikos
1. Sound Sultan (Dead or Alive) - 250 (Dead), 125 (Alive)
2. Pending
3. Pending
4. Jean. E (Alive) - 750
5. Pending

Missions - Merit Reward (Niikos Reward)
1. Pending
2. Red Oni versus Blue Oni - 350 (3,500)
3. Pending

Branching Mission - Reward
1. Nasira, the Mysterious
*Crew Bounty Reward - 3100 (Divide it Among Crew Members)
*Crew Booty Reward - 275 Niikos x PC Crew Members
*Choice Dependent Bounty Reward - Up to 500 Niikos Per Crew Member
*Special Condition Completion Reward - Bonus Crew Member (Inventor)

Overall Income Generated Pending
Overall Upkeep Pending


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Mystery Island
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