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 Strengthening the Dark [Azazel's Solo Training]

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PostSubject: Strengthening the Dark [Azazel's Solo Training]   5th September 2017, 1:39 pm

Azazel had known for a long time that he liked night better than he liked day. That was one of the things that clued others into his alignment with the Dark Side, his affinity for the darkness the night brings. Ever since he was six he had begun waking up an hour or two before dawn, so he would simply lay in bed and read or do something else to entertain himself. He also never feared the "monsters" that went bump in the night, and in fact he fantasized about creating his own monsters for other people to fear. He often read stories bout the Sides, and ever since gaining his Saber and choosing the Dark he had been leaning more towards that than anything when it came to his reading, though this has always somewhat been the case. The Darker side of things had always been the most enticing for Azazel from the moment he could actually pay attention to stories and read them for himself. It could be said that Azazel was destined for the Dark from birth, but then again who would want to say that of what one may assume to be an innocent child? Today, as he sat in his bed of dark sheets in his room of dark walls, he read the story of one Darth Plagueis:

"Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying, for the Dark Side of the Force was a pathway to many great and terrible powers, powers that the weak of mind consider to be unnatural. However, for all his wizened knowledge and power, he feared one thing: losing all the power he had come to gain. And of course, that which one fears is sure to come to them. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself."

That was only a short summary of Darth Plagueis' life, Azazel knew. The full account could be found in other books, but this one was truly on the origins of Sith Alchemy. He was studying art in order to learn all he could of it, as that was one of the paths he wanted to walk. Darth Plagueis was one of the most influential minds in the field of Sith Alchemy, with his skill opening the door to many of the arts the Sith practiced to day. He hoped to become a mind that was able to put even Darth Plagueis to shame when it comes to this field. He wanted to surpass everyone, he needed to in order to become head of the clan, especially with two other people as competition. Even if one was incompetent and unworthy of the title and the other lacked his skill and finesse, he needed to be absolutely, without a doubt sure of his ability to rip the title from under them. He possessed a level of ruthlessness and ambition that they did not, and he was no doubt sure that he would be willing to do so much more for the title of clan head than they would. He knew he wouldn't have to kill them, he wasn't sure he could bring himself to do it. While they are competition, they were still his siblings. They had a powerful bond, despite how much they irked him to the very depth of his soul. He didn't think he could ever be truly pushed to the point where he could be able to discard their life without being seriously conflicted about doing it.

But outside of his want for power, Azazel was also genuinely interested in studying the lives of those before him. He closed the book he had and gave a small sigh. He had read this one several times, so it was probably around the time for him to go take a gander at some others. He got up from his bed, his night shirt swishing around his bare legs. He ruffled his hair a little bit before stretching with a small yawn. He popped some of his limbs before picking up the book and beginning to float towards the door. He left his room and made sure the door was closed, before moving down the hallway. He moved past two doors, each embossed with a large "A" in different fonts and colors. They were most likely fast asleep, as usual. Ariel would most likely wake up as dawn broke, displaying her affinity for the Light, but Azrael was the one who was unpredictable. He could wake up at any point between dawn and dusk, showing how truly ambivalent he was towards the two sides, just as most who followed the Void were. He floated on, heading in the direction of the library within the clan compound.

As Azazel reached a hallway on the path to the library, he began to feel lightheaded and rather faint. He continued floating down the hallway as far as he could before he needed to stop out of fear of falling unconscious. He felt a pull on his mind that was familiar, exactly like when he would use Force Sense. He closed his eyes and gave into the pull, taking a few deep breaths before opening his eyes once more. The first thing he noticed was that his world was entirely black and white, completely devoid of color. It was also silent, eerily so. He looked around for a moment and realized he was alone in the hallway, like he had been before. He began to float on to see what he could find. Then he heard laughter from an open door, laughter that he knew intimately, as intimately as he knew a limb.

He walked to the door and looked into the room, seeing a lovely woman with long flowing blonde hair and a rounded stomach sitting and reading with a man with short white hair. He couldn't see their faces, but he knew exactly who they were. It was hard not to. The woman gave another giggle and placed a hand on the middle of her stomach, massaging the large mound gently "Azazel, calm down. I know you love these kinds of stories, but you are pressing directly into my bladder. When you move, it causes some discomfort, love."

The man looked at her curiously, reaching across to rest a hand on top of hers "How do you know it's Azazel?" He asked curiously, a sweet smile playing across his handsome features. The woman smiled at him, entwining their hands and bringing his to her lips in order to place a soft kiss there "He's always the most active at night. Ariel and Azrael are always sleeping when he's up. Plus he finds it most comfortable to rest in the direct middle of the womb more often than not. I can almost always tell when he is there..."

A smile played on Azazel's features, but then the vision faded and the color bled back into the world. He blinked a few times as his vision reoriented itself, the tug of the Force fading back into the soft thrum in the background of all things. He gave a small little sigh and began floating forwards again, moving to the library in order to put the book he had back and get another or two. Once he was there, he moved to the section where he had gotten the book from and returned it. Before he could turn and look for something else to read in his spare time, his vision went black and white once more, the pull of the Force strong on his mind just like before. He moved through a few of the isles, though he didn't see anything close to the vision he had before. He turned out and looked into large sitting area, a blonde male sitting on a chair with a book in his lap.

The male was just reading whatever book he had, and Azazel began wondering why exactly he was seeing this scene of all things. Then a female jumped from an isle high into the air before dive bombing at the chair the blonde was sitting in. Azazel thought she was going to crash into him, but in a feat of agility the male slipped from the chair and the female caught the back of it, swinging herself around so that she sat in it comfortably. The male settled into another chair smoothly and continued reading his book. They sat in silence for a long moment before the female spoke in a cheery tone "Hello, brother dear." She crossed her legs over each other and her head tilted to the side, considering her brother curiously "What are you up to on this fine day of days?" A sigh came from the other and he turned the page in his book "I was enjoying myself and catching up on some reading. I am guessing you want to spar? There is hardly any other reason why you would bother me in such a manner." He closed his book and set it off to the side before standing You know me so well~! She said with a giggle and stood alongside him, following him out as he left the library.

Azazel thought that would be the end of the vision, but the world around him swirled like pitch black ink before settling into the image of the clan training ground, with the two he had seen in the library standing across from each other. The male drew two plasma sabers from his waist while the female drew a single one. They both activated and Azazel saw that the male wielded two whips while the female used a large Great-Saber. In that moment he knew who they were. His great grandmother and one of her brothers. The other brother wasn't present, but like him and his siblings they were triplets "Go on, Bethany, age before beauty." She chuckled and rushed forward at a speed that Azazel hadn't seen used. She struck at her brother's side with her weapon the male, her brother Bastian, jumped high while using the Force to supplement the power of his jump. He lashed out with a whip, aiming for his sister's shoulder, but she moved her blade upward to block it. The whip wrapped around the saber and Bastian yanked on it, sending himself speeding down at his sister. He aimed a kick at her chest, but she twisted and rolled out of the way, freeing her weapon and avoiding the strike from above.

They both pushed away from each other, putting a good amount of distance between them. They paused and looked at each other for a long moment, before smiling in unison before rushing towards the other. Just as they were about to clash, another landed directly into the middle of the fray, blocking their attacks with a mischievous smile. Before Azazel could see anymore of the exchange, his world span and he was back in the library, another book in his hand. He realized it had been the one the male from his vision was reading, and it was in a section of the library far from where he had first gotten the vision. He must have been moving without realizing it while he was immersed in the vision. He read the cover, noting that it was a history of the Sith and the Dark Side. He knew of his grandmother and her brothers, but he never truly knew their Sides. He supposed he was the Bastian of his own triplet group, having followed the path of the Sith. He assumed the male that had interrupted the spar was the third member of the triplets, Baxter. Azazel ran his fingers over the book's cover for a long moment before floating towards the door. He would read this and find out what had Bastian so interested.

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Strengthening the Dark [Azazel's Solo Training]
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