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 Manning the Helm [Marx's Training - Abyssal Sea]

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PostSubject: Manning the Helm [Marx's Training - Abyssal Sea]   Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:31 pm

Marx was walking along the streets of the little village with his team. Well future team. He wasn't out of the Academy yet, but it was only a few days until he would be. His teammates and sensei were chatting, but he was silent, watching the storefronts as they passed on their way to their mission. He was quickly getting bored of this though. And they had some time yet until they needed to actually be there for his mention, which was why they were seeing the sights. Marx started to look around for anything to catch his attention, anything to entertain himself, really. He saw a flash of movement down an alley way and looked to his team. They seemed to be engrossed in their conversation, and he was rather good at slipping away unseen, so he would do just that. He fell back a little and then moved to the alley way and decided to start looking around.

He started walking down the alley, it was a bit darker due to the shadows at the end, but he saw something at the end. Once he reached it, the alley opened up into a wide street of houses with red curtains and lanterns in front of the window. There were ladies dressed in dark colors, their faces adorned with beautiful shades of make-up. They were dressed provocatively, but Marx was more interested in the materials of the clothes rather than the amount of skin they were showing. The feminine form didn't interest him, if he was being honest. It never had as it appeared to affect other boys his age, but he never really understood why. This place seemed interesting enough, so he decided to take a walk down the street. There were men being greeted by the women standing in the doorways, their high giggles obviously faked and then men falling for it like fools for a scam. Then again, they were most likely thinking with their lower head rather than the one on their shoulders.

Marx was having a rather interesting time, just watching the men fall for the tricks of the ladies. And it was in the middle of the day too. Weren't red lantern districts supposed to be most active during the night? Well when you have an itch that needs scratching...Marx continued walking down the street, receiving coos and terms of endearments from some of the ladies, and even some of the men, until he found what was most likely the entrance to the red lantern district, as it was a torii gate with red drapes falling down and occluding the street from the view of those on the other side. It would seem that this village was proud of their business, and not opposed to showing it. He gave a little smile back to the district for the entertainment it had brought him before walking out...

And walking smack dab into a stranger's chest. He fell backwards onto his backside with a loud curse. He was about to turn his head upwards to curse at the stranger, but he was stopped dead in his tracks, his insult on the tip of his tongue. The male before him was stunning, causing his heart to race and his limbs to shake. The other male gave an apologetic smile and held out a hand, Marx more than willing to take it. He had been unsure why he wasn't attracted to women, but now he realized now. In that moment he had fell and fell hard...


The dark haired male with red eyes snapped out of his daydream to glare at his small companion "What?" He hissed at the child-like autonomous puppet. He was rather enjoying reminiscing, especially due to the fact that he wasn't able to see Hakuyune whenever he wanted anymore. He didn't take too lightly to his cute little partner interrupting his him time.

Mitsu, on the other hand, didn't care all that much. He crossed his arms over one another, his long flowing sleeves wrapping around his arms in such a way that it looked a bit like a straitjacket, making Marx chuckle a but and deepening Marx's scowl even more "You are supposed to be training you buffon, not daydreaming! How do you expect to become strong enough to head your clan and become a terrifying Buccaneer if you don't put serious thought into your training? Get of your lazy ass and get to work!" He kicked at Marx, but the male just moved out of the way, which made his puppet fume.

"Alright, crazy. I'm getting up to train, I'm getting up." He stood and stretched a bit before turning to the little pinkette that barely came to his waist "What was I gonna train again? I kinda forgot... He gave a small chuckle and the Mamodo rolled his eyes "Ugh, you're so annoying. You were training up your speed and your perception, dipshit. Demiurge give me strength you are thick sometimes..." Marx shrugged and then took off in order to take laps around the area.

He did ten laps, starting off in a slow jog until he reached a full-blown sprint. Once he was done doing that, Mitsu gave him a water bottle and he took a fifteen minute break. They sat and talked about nothing in particular for a long while before Marx stood once more and took to a make-shift target he had Mitsu set up. He focused his vision and began throwing stones at the target, keeping up the throwing until he was able to hit the target with each and every stone. After a few minutes of this Mitsu picked up some stones and Marx moved to the target's position, focusing in order to dodge the projectiles his Mamodo was now throwing at him.

Once they were done, Marx patted Mitsu's head as they walked away, resting his hand there gently. Mitsu looked up at Marx pensively before speaking "You miss him don't you, Marx? Why don't you go see him?" Marx shook his head gently and began stroking Mitsu's pink tresses absentmindedly "He's busy. I just have to deal with my loneliness alone...with you, of course. Let's go." Mitsu nodded and they walked off together, silent as shadows.

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PostSubject: Re: Manning the Helm [Marx's Training - Abyssal Sea]   Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:57 pm


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Manning the Helm [Marx's Training - Abyssal Sea]
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