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 Sword Grade List

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PostSubject: Sword Grade List   3rd October 2017, 5:26 pm

Within the Pirate World there is a special emphasis placed on swords more so than the Shinobi world due to the latter being able to simply reinforce their weapons with chakra to increase their durability. Swords within the Pirate World have a ranking system based on the quality of their make, and it is commonly known that those of the highest grade are considered to not only be the finest type of swords available in the Pirate World but likewise can drastically improve the capabilities of a Quartermaster in combat (See Division Mastery Fighting Style).

Swords in the Pirate Word are classified into three distinct types:
Type - Property
Meito = Elemental
Kokuto = Siddhi Pool
Yoto = Special Ability

They are then further classified into Grade where depending on the Grade the base durability and aspects of the sword vary.

Grade - Durability - Effects (Meito, Kokuto, Yoto)
Unnamed - B & Below - Non-Elemental, N/A, N/A
Named - A - Primary, Quarter of Wielder's, Ranged Based/Pain Price)
Skillful - S - Specialized Primary, Half of Wielder's, Status Based (Normal)/Limit Price (Cursed)
Great - SS - Dual-Combination, Equal to Wielder's, Property Based (Normal)/Recoil Price (Cursed)
Supreme - SSS - Complex, Double of Wielder's, Tier Based (Normal)/Sanity Price (Cursed)

*Note: There are a sub-type of swords known as Cursed, these require a certain price to utilize kenjutsu techniques with them however all Cursed swords are known for having the capabilities of a Meito & a Yoto, a Yoto & a Kokuto or a Kokuto & a Meito. However the difference between them in addition to them requiring an additional price to utilize them lies in their capabilities as a Cursed Sword will always be unable to match up to a Normal Meito, Kokuto or Yoto of the same Grade in their specific effect.

Supreme Grade Sword List = 3 Meito, 2 Kokuto, 1 Yoto, 3 Cursed:
Great Grade Sword List = 12 Meito, 3 Kokuto, 9 Yoto, 6 Cursed:
Skillful Grade Sword List = 6 Meito, 3 Kokuto, 12 Yoto, 9 Cursed:
Named Grade Sword List = 6 Meito, 3 Kokuto, 15 Yoto:
Unnamed Grade Sword List = Unknown:

Note: There is a finite amount of Named, Skillful, Great & Supreme Grade Swords in the Pirate World and the only way an Unnamed Grade Sword can take the spot of one of the Named or higher is if one of them has been destroyed. Only Unnamed can advance further while the others are locked in their appointed Grade with the only way for them to become strong being through their wielder or if they have "eaten" a Devil Fruit.


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Sword Grade List
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