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 Zardj'Tali's Quest

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PostSubject: Zardj'Tali's Quest   14th November 2017, 5:33 pm

Zardj'tali looked at the stone with the brightest of eyes, like she was holding the most important thing in the world. Not that water wasn't incredibly vital of course. She spent a little longer than was really necessary looking at Grammy with widened, happy eyes. She was an interesting lizardfolk at least. She then waved her goodbye and dashed out of the cave with all the provisions and the water stone that she needed.

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PostSubject: Re: Zardj'Tali's Quest   14th November 2017, 5:51 pm

Indeed when the little Lizardfolk dashed out of the burrow Zardgrammy hoped that she would come back, it was always so sad when night approached and the number of hatchlings had decreased. Either way, this wasn't her story but Zardj'Tali's and speaking of her when she dashed outside she would see the wasteland that surrounded their home. It was barren, and even the swamp looked devoid of life as the mangroves scattered about were devoid of leaves. Of course, she could do what the others had and look for another place to hunt or perhaps she would try her best to look for something to eat which had adapted to the miserable life things had within this swamp.


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Zardj'Tali's Quest
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