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 Snow to Ash [Traveling]

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PostSubject: Snow to Ash [Traveling]    14th December 2017, 12:00 pm

With the last of the fauna she had on her list captured it was about time she made her way back home so she could have fun with that sexy werewolf again. She had made it her duty to see the loan officer she had met with when she had gotten to the Land of Glaciers to go through what was required of her and then it was time for her and Curtis to head out. One major problem that they had, however, was how they were going to bring all the fauna along with them. “We never did think that part out did we.” Curtis said to Cersei as he looked down on the animals lurking in the back of the inn. Thankfully, the innkeeper was more than understanding and allowed her to keep them at the back of the inn and by understanding, she meant that she gave him the time of his life almost every night she had spent at the inn. The old man wasn’t anything special and he certainly wasn’t near Baek’s level of endurance and power, but as a succubus, she needed something to keep her occupied and though Curtis was cute she wasn’t going to destroy the working relationship they had even though she knew he was lusting after her. I mean who wasn’t? But back to the problem at hand. There was no what they would be able to just usher all these fauna unto the ferry as it would cause quite the stir and would make a lot of the passengers uneasy. “Hm, I have an idea.” Cersei said out loud as she signaled for Curtis to follow her. “While wandering around the village once I saw a blacksmith, they should be able to make some cages for fauna for us so we can carry them back to the Land of Ash.” She stated as she made her way down the stairs, went through the lobby and eventually outside Inn. The moment she had stepped outside, the cold from outside would cause her to shiver immediately. “Tch, I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole.” She spat angrily before spreading her wings, grabbing Curtis and taking off to her destination.

After about a few minutes of flying around she would land in front the shop where she would see a rather burly looking man swinging away on a hot piece of iron. “Umm, excuse me sir…” Cersei said but due to the combination of the earth shatter sound of the hammer hitting the steel and his intense concentration caused her words to fall on deaf ears. “Maybe he’s deaf?” Curtis said with a grimace as the sound was hurting his ears. Unable to hear what exactly Curtis had said she would move closure before clearing her throat. “Excuse me!!!” She shouted at the top of her voice. That would’ve gotten his attention as he would immediately stop hammering down on the piece of steel and turned to face the woman and her companion. “What?” He simply said with a blank expression on his face. To say he was a bit terrifying was saying the least but she had gather her strength and push forward. “So I’m I was wondering if you can make us some” And before she could even finish her sentence the man would inject. “Not interested, so no.” Then he simply went back to hammering away on the hot steel without even waiting for a rebuttal from Cersei. Stunned that someone would not even listen to a request from such a heavenly women Cersei would turn to Curtis to see if he had any other ideas but he was too busy covering his ears from the infernal sound of the hammer hitting the steel. “May I ask why?!?!” She shouted yet again this time the man had actual been startled causing him to completely destroy the steel he was working on. Cersei was ready for him to completely lose his shit but instead he had just let out a sigh and tossed the iron in a pile of disfigured weaponry. “I have no time to build you any lass. I’m trying to build the perfect weapon. Once I build this I will be able to finally upgrade my shop and become a more prestigious blacksmith maybe once that happens. Until then I’m busy. ” The man said as he shuffled through his shop look for more iron to smelt. Cersei was quite intrigued at this turn of events and she had an idea. “Alright, hear me out here. I’ll help you with making this perfect sword. I’m actual good luck you know.” She said with a smile as looked him in the eye. The man was a bit sceptical of Cersei of course as she did seem like she hadn’t done any hard work a day in her life. Not to mention that she was in quite the revealing outfit while it was freezing outside. But he was desperate. “Fine, what should I do?” He said as he poured the smelted iron in the sword mould. “Just do what you always do and I’ll just watch.” Her words made him even more sceptical than before be he would do as he was told. As he began working on the weapon, Cersei would activate her Ronin ability and granted him the highest amount of luck she could possibly grant at her current level and he himself would see the effects of her work. No matter how hard or soft he had hit the mould, it would come out perfectly with no defections and he was able to create what he had been trying to accomplish in weeks in a matter of minutes. “Amazing… How did you?” He said bewildered as he looked to Cersei. “I told you. I’m good luck. For some people anyway.” She said with a smile. “Now that we have that out of the way, I need three cages. I’m heading back to the Land of Ash and I need some sort of container to carry them in while on the ferry. Could you help us?” How could he refuse though? He thought before nodding his head and getting to work. The cages were finished in about thirty minutes thanks to the help of her luck charms and when Curtis had rounded up the fauna and they went in their respective cages the blacksmith would help them get to the docks where the creatures were loaded unto the ferry and off to their destination. Home. The trip back to Ash wasn’t as adventure filled as their trip to the snow which was quite a relief as she was completely exhausted. Once the had arrived at the port in the Land of Ash, they would unload the creatures and waited for Tami and Cera to come along with a carriage to take them back to the village. “Did you guys enjoy your trip?” Cera asked as Cersei loaded the creatures unto the back of the carriage. “It was okay I suppose. I have no intentions of going back to Glaciers, however, that place is hell on earth.” If hell was a winter wonderland of course. Once everything had been loaded and strapped down, they would begin their journey back to the village and thus would complete the second phase of her plan. Something was a bit off, however, as she starting to feel a bit nauseous for some strange reason but she would simply ignore the strange feeling and focused the third phase of her plan.

Land of Glaciers-> Land of Ash

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Snow to Ash [Traveling]
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