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 Pecher Island

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PostSubject: Pecher Island   13th January 2018, 2:55 pm

Name: Pecher Island
Description: This is an Island that was once home to the Kamabakka Queen and the center of the Kamabakka Queendom, however, due to the reigning Queen deciding to align to a powerful Pirate and conquer other islands to make them part of the Queendom, this island was raided by bounty hunters and other people of ill repute, devolving into a den of wolves with the Okama needing to conform to this standard to survive.
Exact Location within Area North East

Current Places Within

Current Activities Available
Bounties (Wanted) - Reward in Niikos
1. Cera Micheals (Dead or Alive) -
2. Bob "Queenie" Dragnov (Dead or Alive) -
3. Teddy "The Pit" Cruz (Dead or Alive) -
4. Mitchell "Visage" Ventii (Dead) -
5. Ruth "Ru" Paul (Alive) -

Missions - Merit Reward (Niikos Reward)
1. Not in Kansas Anymore -
2. Gurl! It's a Shemale! -
3. Oh, Pit Cruz! -

Branching Mission - Reward
1. Mother....has arrived!
*Crew Bounty Reward - Pending (Divide it Among Crew Members)
*Crew Booty Reward - Pending Niikos x PC Crew Members
*Choice Dependent Bounty Reward - Up to Pending Niikos Per Crew Member
*Special Condition Completion Reward - Pending

Overall Income Generated Pending
Overall Upkeep Pending

My Lil Monsters:
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Pecher Island
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