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 Concerning Gifts, Activity & Rewards of being Modded

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PostSubject: Concerning Gifts, Activity & Rewards of being Modded   Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:17 pm

Hello your Admin here, it has come to my attention that due to us giving out gifts it had severely affected the benefits of doing missions, getting modded or training ones character versus merely waiting around for a gift to come around to bolster ones character.

As such from now on all free gifts via rolls are now revoked, if one wants to obtain a gift they will be special events hosted when applicable all of which would be on a timely earned basis. Meaning for instance on Parents day an event opened to all characters who have children would be open allowing them to participate in a topic or series of topic the end of which can give them rewards. Or if one is not interested in participating one can either not receive any rewards or merely obtain a minor one. Birthdays will likewise face a similar effect albeit personalized to one of their characters if chosen or a minor general one spread across all of their characters.

Note: This will not affect all gifts made prior to this announcement. For those who are unfortunate enough (like myself) to not be born in early January I'm afraid there will be no free b-day gifts for us.


I am open to discussion for how events can be implemented, from my staff (In general in regards to rewards) or my members in regards to specific days on the calendar so that it is open to all individuals not just those who share the same nationality as myself.

Current NB Event Calendar:


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Concerning Gifts, Activity & Rewards of being Modded
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