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 Hana's Travel to Shadows

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PostSubject: Hana's Travel to Shadows   22nd January 2018, 3:08 pm

Stohana stretched herself off, ready to set out to visit her old home. It had been a while after all and seeing her parents again after so long would certainly be a delight. Likewise she was getting more and more pressured in to finding an apprentice for herself. At first she still had been very hesitant to do it, she didn’t feel like she could be much of a tutor after all. But with a chat with Jess the night before her opinions of herself in the subject were changed. She had met Ka on a whim, and damn did that chance meeting change her life. As joking as their relationship was, she really did feel completely indebted to the man that was Ka Jiko. He might not have taught her much in the way of techniques, but he was there to help her master her Curse Mark, and teach her to fight without the reliance upon it. The latter was difficult, she became much more of a juggernaught brawler since she got it’s regeneration, but it was still a thing.

Stepping out in to the cool morning air she took a deep breath, waving a hand as the flora that she had over time grown around the Jiko Compound raised to meet her hands as she walked past. With one hand she touched the earth she had given so much life, and in the other was the one person to whom she felt even more indebted. Jess, the former slave, was the one who kept her in the compound. Even if Ka wasn’t too fond of her, as he so very, very often put it, freeloading. With one last squeeze she knew she would be away for a few days at least visiting her parents. She wanted Jess to come with her, but apparently with Ka preparing for his upcoming wedding she was more needed in the compound. And most likely without Hana herself there to cause trouble and distract Jess, plenty more work would get done.

With one last squeeze they parted, and Hana began walking off down the path away. Only for seconds later she came running back and diving on to Jess in the most passionate kiss they could. She felt she really needed to organise her own wedding. Maybe have Ka be her head bridesmaid. She cursed that mental image, it was hard to kiss when she just started to laugh.

It was a good hour, and once more Jess had plenty of stains she needed to wash out, before Hana was finally leaving for real. Like anybody would expect anything else from the two of them. With one last blown kiss between them, Hana spun and turned, taking the almost long forgotten route that would take her back to her family in Shadows. She knew it would all pass in the blink of an eye, and soon she broke out in to a sprint. Even going so far as to activate her Monarch aura. With her new abilities that came with her higher rank, she found she could hold it so much longer and her natural regeneration kept her up.

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Hana's Travel to Shadows
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