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 Zane's Training

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PostSubject: Zane's Training   29th January 2018, 9:13 pm

Zane lay on the banks of a large pond, arms behind his head as he rested. The dead grass prickling at his skin and causing him to itch. The smell of the putrid swamp filled his nose with rot and decay, just another day in the Land of Madness. Alright new girl, so what's your deal? Zane thought, communicating with the voices who resided in his head. For a long moment there was silence, New girl? Paul? Zane asked once more, met again with silence. I-I prefer the name A-Andromeda. came a timid voice. Andromeda? Where did you come up with a name like that? Zane asked, more curiously than poking fun. I first became aware of myself during one of your visits to the library in the institute. Th-then I...well I saw a book you were reading, or rather read a book you were reading because I'm y-you and you-
Kami almighty, just get out with it girl. Paul interrupted, a meek sounding coming from Andromeda in response.
Oh good, Paul's here, nice of you to join us.
Save the sarcasm kid, I'm always here. We're you, remember?
How could I forget? Zane sighed, Okay, so you're Andromeda. Paul here seems pretty locked in as my anger, or wrath. So what's your deal?
Well...I guess...I guess if I had to be something I'd be-
You'd be a fucking priss.
Well she is.
I am.
Zane sighed, Okay then I guess it's safe to assume you're fear. He thought for a moment, But why?
Why? Asked Andromeda innocently.
Why do you exist? I wasn't scared in the Pits, my opponents were pathetically weak. They never came close to killing me, why would fear manifest itself.
Silence for a long moment before Andromeda said, You weren't afraid of your opponents, you were afraid of him. Andromeda said and Zane was shown a flashing image of a small hand pointing at Paul.
Me? The two said simultaneously in surprise.
Oh boy, sorry for what I said earlier Priss, I like this one Zaney boy. Telling all your deepest darkest secrets, please do go on little girl. Paul said with a wolfish grin.
You experienced a large spike of fear when Paul forcefully took over in the Pits and for a moment, you couldn't regain control. After that I just sort of...appeared. Andromeda concluded.
Ha, fear! What a useless emotion. You gonna wet the bed now every time we get into a scrap Zaney boy?
Useless? I'll be what keeps you two alive when we go up against an opponent too strong to handle. I'm what stops you from blowing a gasket and getting us killed when you jump in head first.
Whoa, look at this, the Priss has a bit of backbone. Paul said, suddenly raising his fist threateningly in Andromeda's direction. In response, Andromeda let out an audible "meep!" and shrank away from Paul.
Yeah, that's what I thought. Paul said before disappearing farther into Zane's subconsciousness, leaving only a taunting laugh behind.
Ignore him, he's just a bully. Probably overcompensating for something. Zane said with a sigh.
Um...why...why is that water bubbling? Andromeda asked.

What water? Zane asked aloud as he suddenly sat up and stared down at the surface of the pond only three feet away. Andromeda had been right, the water was bubbling and before Zane could stand up, a long form burst forth from beneath the surface and straight at Zane. The young Dakar could only make out a flash of teeth and claws before he was slammed back into the grass hill, claws attempting to dig into him. System under attack, claws have yet to penetrate body. Zane's Neo Nano Queen Eve's voice blared in his mind, as if he didn't have enough voices in his head. Yes, thank you, I can see that. Zane said before grabbing the front right leg and the abdomen of the Jaggia. With his inhuman strength he turned, flipping the Jaggia over and tossing it to the side. What the creature didn't know or feel quite yet were the numerous Jasasori who had begun devouring its flesh on a cellular level. For now though, the creature stood and swung its head back and forth, its tail snapping in the air beyond it as it stared at Zane, a deep, throaty growl on its lips. It's not alone. Eve said as three more slithered out of the water and onto land to Zane's left.

Eve, I need you to begin diverting Neo Nanos to some of my major organs and find a way to increase my oil generation. Something tells we're about to lose a lot of blood.
How exactly do you expect me to do that? Eve asked incredulously.
I don't know, you're an impossibly intelligent, super computing bug. You'll think of something. Zane said as the first Jaggia began approaching slowly, stalking its prey while the other three moved around Zane to surround him.
We should run...now. Andromeda piped in.
Fuck that, let's teach these prehistoric ass wipes who's King around these parts. Paul added his two cents.
I need everyone to just shut up for two seconds! Zane mentally yelled, silencing the cluster of voices in his head even if only briefly. It was at this moment that the first Jaggia decided to try its hand at yet another attack. It moved fast, faster than Zane could, and lunged at him once again. He was knocked down yet again, unable to react to the faster creature but he had also learned from his last encounter. Falling back, Zane grabbed hold of the creature once more and used the momentum to throw the Jaggia into its ally behind him. He continued his fall, going into a roll only to stand up in time for the next two to attack. The two on his left and right sides bit down hard into his arm. Luckily Zane's natural defenses were strong enough to stop any damage from really being done, but they still held him firmly. They're fast, we need to be faster. Zane said to anyone who would listen.
I'll see what I can do, but we're a little busy right now. Eve responded, clear strain in her thoughts.
Go Berserk, let me at them. Paul said, bloodlust in his voice.
That'll slow us down you idiot. Zane said as he brought his two hands together, using his strength to pick the Jaggia up off the ground and slam their snake-like bodies against one another. Both yelped in pain and released his arms, falling to the ground.
Sir there's a build up of dust in here.
Dust? From what? Zane asked as all four Jaggia rose to their feet, now standing in front of Zane who had put some distance between himself and the beasts.
The Nanos aren't sure. When you exert yourself sometimes your bones and muscle fibers rub up against one another...violently. There's always some small, microscopic material but it's taken care of or consumed by the Nanos. This is...different. It seems your body is adapting, the Nanos can't keep up.
Great, just what he needed, yet another internal problem. Open my pores, have the Nanos disperse the built up dust into the air to get it out of my body. I'll deal with it out here. Zane said as the Jaggia farthest on the left charged for another round. How we doing with that speed? Zane asked, pulling his arm back to deliver a devastating punch. Okay try it...NOW! Eve shouted as Zane punched forward just as the Jaggia lunged. Zane, surprised by his sudden burst of speed felt his fist make impact with the back of the Jaggia's throat. As its jaws closed around Zane's hand, he could feel them suddenly open back up wide in surprise and terror as Zane's fist punctured the Jaggia's throat and came out the back of its neck. The body crumpled to the floor, the creature in pain and bleeding but not yet dead as it could still breathe fine, if not better than before thanks to a new, gaping access point. Whoa, that was fast...what did you do? Zane asked, surprised by his sudden speed.
I'll explain later, they're readying something. Eve responded and Zane looked up to see two of the remaining Jaggia frothing at the mouth as they readied water bullets. Meanwhile the third, standing in the middle simply stared at Zane, pure hunger in its eyes. This was the original who had attacked him on the hill.

Zane raised his hand and pointed it in the direction of the Jaggias before they could fire of their attacks. Suddenly a bright light, far brighter than Zane knew he even possessed. The Jaggias screamed in pain, their eyes being seared by the bright flash. What the hell is going on? Zane demanded, now thoroughly confused. Like I said, you're adapting. It appears my workers are unlocking your potential without even realizing it.
Tag in! Paul suddenly declared as Zane felt his consciousness suddenly yanked back and out of the driver's seat of his body.
Oh no, not good, not good. Andromeda moaned, reflecting Zane's own thoughts. Paul shouldn't have been able to take control so easily. Zane was caught off guard by the sudden burst in power he possessed, but that didn't warrant Paul taking over. Obviously Paul was growing stronger. Zane watched like a prisoner as Paul amped his body into overdrive, kicking it into Berserk Mode, however, this time it was much worse. Zane could feel his muscles strengthen, power surging through them but he could also tell Paul was losing control, becoming more bestial. What did you do?! Zane demanded.
The same thing as the stupid bugs, I unlocked your hidden potential you little brat. Now let me show you what we- what I can do. Paul said as Zane's body jumped forward towards the blinded Jagias.

He landed in front of the one to the left who sensed him, snapping its jaws around his ankles. Paul smiled ruefully as he brought his heel down on the Jaggia's head. A sickening crunch and sub-sequential squish filled the air as the other two Jaggias hissed in anger and fear, backing away though not entirely sure where Paul was. One of them readied another water bullet, this time releasing it. Paul looked at the water bullet, letting it splash across his chest but doing no real damage. Paul laughed out loud before picking up the dead Jaggia at his feet by the tail and tossing it at the Jaggia who had unleashed the water bullet. The corpse and live Jaggia tumbled down the hill and into the water with a splash. You there, you started this whole thing. Let me show you how to properly kill your prey. Paul said ruefully, slowly approaching the Jaggia as its sight began to return. Paul stopped as the Jaggia suddenly collapsed, its left front leg giving out as the Neo Nanos devoured its flesh. A hole was appearing in its abdomen as well and Paul simply stood and watched, organs spilling out through the hole. The Jaggia, realizing what was happening, howled in pain. Pathetic. Paul said, spitting on the ground in front of him.

The spit made an odd, shattering sound as it hit the ground, rather than the normal, wet liquid sound. Paul breathed heavily, his Berserk Mode burning calories and energy at an alarming rate. In front of him he could see his breath materialized and even freeze, ice crystals falling to the ground around him. Turning, Paul was met with a medium sized ice spike impaling his left arm. Paul howled, not in pain but anger as three Baggi had crested over the hill, been drawn to the commotion from earlier. Okay, these we can't fight. Andromeda said meekly.
The hell we can't, they're just stupid animals, just like the rest of them. Paul responded, breaking off the tip of the ice spear sticking from his arm and pulling it out, tossing it to the side. Oil oozed out of the wound but just as quickly Neo Nanos moved in to close the wound and repair Zane.
She's right Paul, that thing damaged us, we're not ready for this fight yet. Zane said, vying for control as Paul descended further and further into madness.
It just caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting it. Now I'm expecting it and they're about to be surprised by how far I can jam one of them up the other's ass. Paul said before roaring loudly and charging forward as the Baggi all screeched in unison, beginning their charge.
We're gonna die, we're gonna die, we're gonna die. Not good, not gooooood. Andromeda repeated, rocking back and forth.
Dammit Paul! Zane yelled, suddenly taking over control for a moment and staring at one of the Baggi's legs. Suddenly the creature's left leg went limp, causing it to fall into the one beside it, tripping one another up. The third reacted quickly enough, leaping over the heap and descending upon Paul as he mentally threw Zane out of the driver's seat and back into his subconscious. Not your turn yet. Paul said as the Baggi tackled Paul to the ground, much faster than the Jaggias they had just faced.

Alright bugs, help me out here. Paul demanded.
You can hit harder and faster now, try the Hexagon Formation. Eve replied as the Baggi's jaws snapped closer and closer to Paul's throat. Laying on his back, Paul began to deliver blow after blow to the Baggi, sending it reeling back and off him. The Neo Nanos will need time before they can do any real damage. Eve reminded Paul.
No shit, I know how they work. Doesn't matter though, I felt some ribs break and I think I fractured its femur with that move, good call. Paul said. As if to emphasize Paul's point, the Baggi retreated several steps back from Paul, favoring one leg and keeping its right ribs away from Paul. The young man smiled like a hungry wolf, ready to deliver the final blow when suddenly the other two Braggi appeared like a blur, far faster than Paul could anticipate or react to even with his new found speed. Each grabbed him by the arm, locking their powerful jaws around them and pulling him down the hill and into the pond. Paul could feel their jaws beginning to spread ice over his skin, his Plasma Coating not strong enough to actually stop this chakra based attack. I need more power here people, get your bugs on it Eve! Paul shouted as he was suddenly submerged under water. What the Baggi didn't know was that Zane's body didn't respirate, meaning it didn't actually need to breathe to keep everyone alive, so dragging him under water didn't really threaten him at all. Still, the ice was less than good. We're doing the best we can. Eve countered, her Neo Nano forces stretched thin as it was.

Um...what are you doing Zane? Came Andromeda's tiny voice, breaking free of the din of angry shouts and frustration which filled Zane's mind. The mental image that represented Zane to his fellow personalities was sitting cross-legged on the ground, not that there was any real ground so to speak in this room of nothingness, his hands on either knee and his eyes closed. Concentrating. Zane responded simply.
Oh. Andromeda said simply, pausing for a moment and then, Um...concentrating on what exactly?
Hold on.
Outside this subconscious conversation Paul thrashed about with the Baggi underwater. They were fast but he was stronger than them, especially in his Berserk State. The only problem was Paul couldn't get any actual traction underwater. He had nothing to push off of and the water prevented him from building any momentum, hampering his strength. The ice continued to spread across his skin, moving closer to his shoulders and chest until, suddenly, Zane opened his eyes and said, [i]This!
except when Zane opened his eyes, he opened his actual eyes, his body's eyes. He was back in control as Paul took a tumble to the ground in their mental dimension. Hey, what the fuck kid? I had them on the ropes. I didn't say you could interrupt. Zane said nothing in reply, instead focusing on the task at hand. The Neo Nanos weren't yet well trained in swimming and Zane worried if he released them underwater to devour the Baggi, they'd end up drowning instead so that was out of the question. The ice continued to creep up his arms, Zane decided to concentrate on those first, particularly the skin around his shoulders and chest. As the ice approached, it suddenly stopped and began chipping away in that area. Zane had managed to unlock a higher level of his Plasma Coating ability.

Bringing his arms together slowly, Zane had his hands close enough that the opposite was able to grab onto the snout of the Baggi attached to each arm. He grabbed hold firmly of each's snout and twisted like a hellish purple nurple to the nose. The Baggi's screamed, releasing bubbles of water to the surface as they instinctively let go. Zane had dropped down far enough to touch the bottom of the pond and now, with all his strength, pushed off from the ground. He exploded upwards like a rocket, breaking through the surface of the water and landing on the dead grass by the edge of the pond in a crouch. Though one couldn't tell by the way Zane acted, and it wasn't exactly like he could feel actual tiredness, Zane was tired. He was pushing his body past limits he didn't even know he could go beyond and discovering new abilities and powers all while fighting for his life. In front of him the last Baggi stood, still favoring one side but looking equally as pissed off as Zane. Around them floated billions upon billions of steel particles. Zane hadn't noticed just how many had been produced while Paul was in control as he had been solely focused on the pack of Baggi. It was almost beautiful, like a very deadly glitter filling the air. Behind him the two Baggi surfaced in the pond, swimming closer to him to strike from behind. Zane turned back to look at the injured Baggi in front of him. Eve, I need a status report on the damage we've sustained. Zane said out loud, eyeing the Baggi as he listened to the other two come closer and closer.
Heavy damage over time, though nothing really broke through save for the ice spear that pierced your arm and my Nanos are already seeing to that repair. Overall the blowback you release should be several magnitudes higher than these creatures can sustain. Eve reported back.
Excellent. Zane said simply before discharging a small spark of plasma energy from his right hand which immediately, violently reacted with the particles in the air, spreading out from Zane in a wave of destruction. The very air was vaporized, never mind the surrounding grasslands and water. When everything cleared Zane stood in a field of burning grasslands, the old dried grass having ignited instantly. The Baggi were nothing more than piles of ash from the explosion, blowing away in the wind. Behind him the pond boiled from the insane flash of heat like a roiling cauldron of death and chaos.

Zane stood silently in the middle of this new hellscape, surveying his surroundings before beginning to walk up the hill and out of the small blaze he had accidentally created. We picked up quite a few new tricks and even a new passenger today. Zane thought as he walked, referencing Andromeda. Fear, that was going to be an interesting emotion. For a kid who thought himself indestructible, perhaps fear would be a healthy addition to his growing lists of downloaded emotions. Status Report Eve. Zane requested and in response was read back, Things are patching up nicely, particularly the arm as my Nanos work round the clock to fill that hole. As for the factories you asked us to work on, they seem to be operational, though even I don't understand how my Nanos managed to get them conceived, planned and built all while the hive was under extreme duress from the animal attacks. Regardless, we're beginning testing now and should have a full report by sun down. Zane nodded in acknowledgement, good, that was good news. He had to admit, as much as the voices in his head irritated him at times, they had their uses.

Training Complete

Words: 3461/3400

9 Jutsu:

Current Personalities:
Normal = Zane
Anger = Paul
Fear = Andromeda

Current Neo Nano Queen:
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Zane's Training
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