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 Blue Suns

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PostSubject: Blue Suns   10th February 2018, 11:39 am

As written by Krogan
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PostSubject: Re: Blue Suns   11th February 2018, 2:11 pm

Whether it be a local tavern or on the battlefield, there is one group that could always be counted on causing destruction in their wake. Blue Suns is a group residing within the land of Madness that’s sole purpose is one thing, and one thing only, To fuck shit up. Taking open contracts from any and all factions of any ranking or mission type, So whenever you need a job done feel free to hit them up and enjoy the peaceful life while others take the risks.

The Blue Suns, an up and coming new mercenary group growing out of two lesser known individuals and an aim to expand their operations in to other territories with the backing of all comers who can afford their services. The partners began their group after an arguably successful bank heist, with their first financial backer, and in all honesty the owner of said bank they held up. Clearly they did their job and made a good impression. And from there their skills were put to the test as an official group. With the brawn that is Krogan, and the… let’s say brains for now until they recruit a new member… Ma’to Shanti, the destruction loving duo take steps to go a little legit.

Tsu'mato Asari Shanti


Himiko Zakiyoshi:
Stohana Fushicho:
Noah Lane:
Kori Kuroshio:
Ariel Chromatica:
Ma'to Asari Shanti:
Lilica Argent:

September Taki:
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Blue Suns
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