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 Bounty Listing (Pirate World)

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PostSubject: Bounty Listing (Pirate World)   12th February 2018, 2:45 pm

This is the topic where all known Bounties will be listed for the various seas furthermore this information is somewhat common knowledge in various ways:
1. Those Bounties within ones Sea of Origin are known to that character.
2. Those Bounties within the same sea are known to Bounty Hunters upon being gained (or re-calculated).
3. Those Bounties listed in the Lost Ocean (Either Half) are known throughout each of the Four Seas (West, Frozen, N. Abyssal & Southern Abyssal).
4. Those Bounties listed in either the Sky Sea or the Rift Sea are unknown to any but those in those Seas unless said individual migrates to another sea in which case their Bounty will obviously carry over.
5. Bounties listed in the Ancient Ocean (& depths) are unknown to any but the Privateers and Bounty Information can only be obtained upon seeking information on each island one comes across.
6. PC Bounties are unknown to each other (except Bounty Hunters) until IC interaction has been obtained in which case then the information on their Bounty will become available should said PC's attempt to seek it out.
7. Infamy and Merit will also be listed, In regards to Infamy it is known throughout every Sea as Buccaneers are not subtle about their actions, whereas Merit is only known among Privateers & Ex-Privateers.

This Topic will be updated periodically to reflect the changes in Bounty (& Infamy) within the Pirate World.

The Four Seas:

The Strange Seas:

The Lost Sea:

The Ancient Sea:


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Bounty Listing (Pirate World)
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