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 [Anchor Island] The Legacy Freezes

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PostSubject: [Anchor Island] The Legacy Freezes   13th February 2018, 11:05 am

Noah stepped up over to the front of the ship, taking a look back at her two friends and crew mates doing what they each did best. For that brief moment they were dropping from nothing she had forgotten about their lost member, but now the danger, or the immediate danger, was over it began to settle back in again. With only one island nearby it was obvious where they were heading, and from the way their landing had gone down she felt they would need to dock to make repairs and recuperate. But she hoped to get some alone time so she might do some physical training. She had seen how a true Metal Fruit user fights, and she... she was being too simple. She needed to create herself a better fighting style, to better understand her fruit. But Auro and Avi were busy, she would tell them that later. She didn't feel the need to worry about them leaving her behind now. Though she did have that little thought in the back of her mind, hoping they wouldn't blame her for losing Blaise.

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PostSubject: Re: [Anchor Island] The Legacy Freezes   14th February 2018, 4:25 pm

Avi felt for a gust of wind. Well, there was one there, but it was a low wind and not exactly helpful. Avi hopped down from the mast, spinning and landing cleanly on her feet. She stepped around in a large circle before twisting suddenly to let out a gust of wind towards the sails and pushing the ship to the island. To keep the wind going, she’d repeat a slow step around and a sudden push with a twist to create another burst until they beached.



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[Anchor Island] The Legacy Freezes
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