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 New Welcomings (Kris, September)

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PostSubject: New Welcomings (Kris, September)   4th March 2018, 5:15 pm

With Master Armen still out of town dealing with a crisis, Kris found herself stepping in and making introductions to the more interesting people. Or in a way, she wanted to look through the new recruits and find the ones that she could present to Armen as the future of Bachiatari. Walking towards the apartment complex she double checked the records that they had; a September Taki. Strong it seemed, looking to go in to the Medical division. A bit of inconsistency perhaps? She had a nice home though it looked from the outside.
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PostSubject: Re: New Welcomings (Kris, September)   4th March 2018, 5:35 pm

September hadn't expected the visitor, so seeing the red haired girl outside, not much older than she herself was something new. "Play nice." She tucked the paper bag, filled with her fresh chocolate filled breadrolls, looking back and down to their current companion of the little brown fluffy Boar. Spending time with her was fun and certainly interesting, very much enlightening.

"I always play nice." The Living Weapon around her waist was crass as ever, feeling irrate at just the accusation that she might be rude in any way.

"Who this?"

"Don't know Andrasteia. Just keep back for now," The little boar did as she was told and dropped back a little, curious as to just what was going on. "Excuse me! You looking for somebody? Cause you look like you're looking for something,"

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New Welcomings (Kris, September)
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