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 Preparations Complete - Tokubetsu Jonin Exams! [Minerva Rikigaku]

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PostSubject: Preparations Complete - Tokubetsu Jonin Exams! [Minerva Rikigaku]   9th March 2018, 10:23 pm

Minerva had completed her requirements for her exams, so now she was preparing herself for them. She hadn't done well enough in the chunin exams to be promoted, nor even to get herself acknowledged. She had been far too preoccupied with making sure her teammates did well, making sure they were able to rise up the ranks. She didn't mind not being a Chunin all that much, there were other ways she could rise and attain a rank that would put her at her sensei's side. She would just have to do a little bit more work to get there, and Minerva was no stranger to hard work. These idle thoughts flicked through her mind as she stood before her mirror, inspecting the polish and shine of her armor critically before deeming it perfect. She turned on her heel and left her room, mentally scanning her Armory so she was absolutely sure she had everything. She left her house feeling confident in her ability to complete these exams. I will pass and make Summer-sensei proud...

She made her way to the examination office of the academy, where academy students went to schedule their Genin exams, and where other exams were planned and slotted. She waited at the main desk for the attendee there to arrive. She wasn't really sure whether T. Jonin or Chunin Instructors handled this type of work, if she was being completely honest. It would be something to ask about if she was really that curious, but it wasn't the most important thing she had to worry about, she noted with a chuckle to herself. She rung the bell at the desk, "Hello?"

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Preparations Complete - Tokubetsu Jonin Exams! [Minerva Rikigaku]
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